Game of Thrones Guide to Skincare

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Game of Thrones: Guide to Skincare

In six seasons of Game of Thrones, not a single character ducked into the spa or enjoyed a nice, relaxing facial. But so many characters have great looking skin! We’re lucky to live in an era where esthetics program graduates are ready and willing to provide top-notch skincare. But the people of Westeros had a few tricks -- and essential oils -- up their sleeves that are just as useful today as they were when dragons roamed the Earth:

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That's gonna leave a mark

Tyrion wore his scar from the Battle of Blackwater proudly. Had his handsome brother Jaime suffered a similar fate, he probably would’ve sought out some frankincense or carrot oil to soothe that nasty cut. Both oils are used today for their cell regeneration properties.

Taking dry epidermis to the extreme

All the lotion in the Seven Kingdoms couldn’t cure Jora’s greyscale. Up north though, smart members of the Night’s Watch might’ve passed around the myrrh oil to soothe their dry, damaged skin. (Geranium or lavender oil were probably too girly for those charged with protecting humanity from the undead.) The manly fragrance and healing properties of myrrh oil make it the perfect enhancement to modern men’s facials.

Even savages’ love smooth skin

Few armies in Westeros could survive an attack by Dothraki warriors. But even the bravest nomad could fall prey to oily skin and clogged pores. That’s why smart Dothrakis probably never left home without their neroli oil. Skincare specialists still value its antiseptic qualities for maintaining skin’s oil balance and reducing breakouts.

Three-Eyed Ravens didn’t have time for acne

If your job is to know everything, zits and blackheads are super inconvenient. Hopefully, Sansa or Arya slipped Brandon some tea tree oil to help keep his adolescent skin clear. Today estheticians swear by tea tree oil-based hair products, skin cleansers, and natural bug repellants.

Recovering from a dragon’s wrath

Talk about battle scars! Not even Melisandre could reanimate the unlucky fools who stumbled directly into Drogon’s fiery fury. Then and now, for minor burns and blisters, rose essential oil’s therapeutic qualities promote healing and restore skin tone and texture.

Sorceress, heal thyself

Speaking of Melisandre, that old gal kicked around the Seven Kingdoms for ages! She, of course, had magic to keep her skin dewy and youthful. In the real world, there’s no fountain of youth. But there are carrot seed, rose, and ylang ylang essential oils, all of which minimize damage from free radicals and promote cell growth and elasticity.

Don’t get all chapped

Nobody in their right mind would’ve offered their lip balm to a white walker. Those guys had some seriously chapped skin am I right? Modern weather extremes can leave skin dry and chapped too, which is why smart skincare specialists today use geranium, patchouli, and frankincense to soothe damage, reduce wrinkles, and promote new cell growth.

Everyone just calm down!

With epic battles, frozen zombies, and fire-breathing dragons everywhere they turned, wise Westeros residents must’ve kept plenty of lavender on hand. Estheticians still use it today for its calming fragrance that encourages relaxation and soothes stress. Lavender oil also soothes sunburns and helps cuts heal -- at least the ones that don’t completely sever your head.

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