Hump Day Hair Hack: Fast & Quick Hair Pieces

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 05/18/2016 • Hair

Bonjour, bodacious beauties!

If ever there was a day of the week that required a hair hack, it's Wednesday. After working your tail off the first two days of the week while attempting to attend to your social life and work out, the last thing you want to worry about is your hair. However, the good news is that there is relief out there. Hair pieces can solve your hair issues, addressing the Hump Day hair doldrums with the kind of extreme force that is sometimes necessary.

Energize with an elastic head band:

A classic remedy for bad hair days, the elastic full-sized head band is an essential tool in your arsenal. However, if you dress it up in the right way, no one will ever suspect that you're having a not-so-hot hair day. After putting it in place, spray some dry shampoo on your roots to soak up any oil. Use a comb to tease up the back ever so slightly, creating va-va-voom volume. Voila! You're now ready to bounce out the door and tackle your day.

Goody has some great options that will help keep your hair looking fresh throughout the day. One of their best products is the Ouchless elastic head wrap.

  • • Stays in place
  • • Available in great colors to match every outfit
  • • Won't damage your hair

These elastic headbands will last you a very long time, keeping flyaways in place and helping you to go about your day without having to worry about your hair.

The classic bobby pin:

Almost every gal has a bobby pin or two lying around the house, and these magical tools can help to conquer all kinds of hair emergencies. In fact, it's much easier to pin up dirty hair than it is to do an up-do on totally clean hair. Chignons and other twists are the perfect antidote to dirty hair dilemmas, allowing you to get those troublesome locks out of your face for the day. They're extremely versatile and easy to use. Indeed, you can even utilize your bobby pins in conjunction with the aforementioned elastic hair band, pinning your hair up for a ballerina look.

Bobby pins can even be your best friend when your roots are showing. Create a headband with your own hair by braiding a section and then bringing it over to the other side of your head. Secure it in place with a few bobby pins and then kick back for the rest of the day, happy in the knowledge that you've managed to defeat two Hump Day hair problems in one fell swoop.

Get ready for Throwback Thursday by rocking a scrunchie:

There's a reason why these amazing accessories ruled the nineties. They looked amazing, they kept hair in place and even added the illusion of volume. For those who are dying for a quick remedy to their Wednesday hair drama, a scrunchie can divert attention away from greasy hair simply by the virtue of its own fabulousness. Available in an array of fun colors and styles, these classic hair pieces are perfect for bedazzling your gorgeous head. Chances are that co-workers and others you run into will be bowled over by your fun retro look and neglect to notice that your hair could use some freshening up.

When you learn to use hair pieces to transform your Hump Day style, suddenly Wednesdays will seem wonderful. Assemble at least three go-to looks that you can create in a pinch. You'll gain the confidence that you need to take you through to Friday—and beyond.
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