Side Hustles for Beauty Professionals

WRITTEN BY: angela On 05/11/2020

Piggy bank full of dollar bills
If you work in the beauty industry as a cosmetologist, esthetician, or other professional, you could likely use extra cash. Who couldn't? This is probably especially true now, what with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the beauty industry so hard. During the pandemic, many beauty…

How to Reinvest in Your Cosmetology Business When the Economy is Slow

WRITTEN BY: angela On 05/06/2020

Woman researching on laptop
From the financial crisis of 2008 to the more recent COVID-19 shutdown, history has given plenty of reasons not to believe the common claim that the beauty industry is recession-proof. Cosmetologists, like everyone else, occasionally experience lean times during which business…

How Cosmetology Schools and Students Are Affected by COVID-19

WRITTEN BY: angela On 03/26/2020

Woman sitting on the couch with her laptop
May 28, 2020 Update As of today, 41 states have authorized cosmetology schools to reopen with restrictions. We anticipate most other states will do the same in the next month or so. What does "with restrictions" mean? This will depend on your state, but may include any or all of…

Beauty School Scholarships

WRITTEN BY: jennifer.nitcher On 09/27/2018

Beauty Schools: Positioned to Make a Difference

WRITTEN BY: jennifer.nitcher On 09/26/2018

Eyes on Cancer logo
Author: Yvette Williams, director of educational programs for Eyes On Cancer The beauty industry is the biggest non-medical profession seeing skin most often, making it the first line of defense in spotting skin cancer. This year alone, there is expected to be 178,560 new cases…

What Do Top Cosmetology Schools Have In Common?

WRITTEN BY: lindsey On 09/29/2017

Cosmetology student working on client's hair
If you are trying to figure out the best traits of top cosmetology schools, then this list should help you out. We compiled five of the best traits we see in the top cosmetology program, based on our years of experience working with cosmetology schools and students. We could…

How Do I Choose a Beauty School?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 02/20/2017

Girl Searching Computer
Choosing a beauty school doesn’t have to be overly complicated. What you first need to understand is the difference between the terms ‘beauty school’ and ‘cosmetology school,’ because they are both used interchangeably. This is not a big deal, in most cases. But we want to show…

What Are the Age Requirements for Cosmetology School?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 02/07/2017

Cosmetology Students and Teacher
Are you wondering about the age requirements for beauty school, or if you are too old to enroll in a particular program? These are common questions people wonder when they are considering a career in the beauty industry. Like other creative careers, cosmetology can seem like a…

Is it too late to change my career by going to beauty school?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 01/18/2017

If you are thinking about a career change by going into the beauty industry, but wonder if it’s too late, we’re going to clear the air for you. First of all, as long as you are physically able, we don’t see any reason why you can’t learn cosmetology skills in hair, skin, makeup…

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