No matter where you live, after beauty school, you can pursue a world of opportunities! Your education and skills can open up exciting opportunities, such as working with celebs and the Hollywood glam squad. It’s not really that far-fetched if you’re willing to think outside the box. Working with movie stars, musicians, political figures and others who are in the public eye is exciting, but to get your foot in the door, you need to develop skills, network, and always seek new professional contacts.

Many aspiring celeb hair stylists and makeup artists start in a well-known hair and makeup salon in cities where the celebrities can be found, such as Los Angeles, New York City or Hollywood. This avenue opens up the opportunity to display your work to those high rollers, build your portfolio, network and climb the glam squad ladder.

Another smart alternative is to get representation from an agency. These agencies represent makeup artists and hair stylists much like a modeling agency. Just be sure to choose an agency that has relationships with celebrity publicists. The best way to ensure representation is to get the agency’s assistant list. You may start out as an assistant holding bobby pins and running to grab extra hair spray, but building relationships with these agents will lead to representation.

Submitted by Elizabeth on 01/14/2015 - 09:45

Celeb hairstylist and makeup artist Laura Schakosky took a different approach to service celebrities and famous stars. She researched multiple producers of MTV and sent out her resume to about 200 people. In addition, she would call these producers and tell them she would like to work with them and also include the client’s name in her resume. Slowly, she began to get bookings and was able to build up her portfolio. These contacts led her to working with corporate executives of FOX. One thing led to another, and she wound up being the makeup artist for the Drew Carey show for one whole season.

Other tips for landing celeb hairstylist and makeup artist jobs include using social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn and Facebook are effective ways to connect with people who are the decision makers in the entertainment industry. Joining organizations, such as Women in Film, can connect you with the right people. Go ahead and donate your time, get to other people in the industry and let them know what you do. In time, they’ll be referring your services to the right people.

Now, no one ever said becoming a celebrity stylist was easy. You have to put in the hard work, and generate a little bit of luck. But, as you can see, it’s not impossible. And whether or not you want to work for celebrities or local clients, the first step is finding the right training. That’s why we offer more than beauty inspiration- we can help you connect with schools and learn more about programs that might interest you!