Nail Art and Nail Designs: Spring 2012 Trends

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 11/08/2011 • Nails

Nail Art and Nail Designs: Spring 2012 Trends

While many fashionistas and photographers were focused on clothing and shoes during Mercedes Benz's Spring 2012 Fashion Week in September, less attention was paid to the tones and colors that appeared on models' fingers and toes. This spring, women can look forward to interesting nail art and nail designs trends - from updated neutral tones to pair with wild spring prints to brightly colored shades of red, pink and yellow.

Ladies who are interested in less conservative nail color will enjoy funky prints and patterned designs, which are better described as nail art rather than nail color. Women will also see a return to sparkly nails with glittered, crystal embellished and metallic nail designs.

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If you're a fan of the French manicure as a neutral option, breathe a sigh of relief. This classic nail design will remain popular throughout the spring. However, if you want to get creative with your neutral nails, try a manicure in white, gray or beige topped with a super shiny finish. If you'd rather go the opposite route with color, you're in luck! Bright and bold colors will also be a popular nail designs trend this spring. Fire engine reds, candy-colored pinks and taxicab yellows can add a pop of color and a little personality to any manicure.

One of the wilder nail art trends to emerge this spring are patterned nails. You may remember Lady Gaga's infamous houndstooth ensemble that featured a vintage-style houndstooth suit, shoes, handbag and houndstooth nail art. Taking a page from her book, designers showcased stunning nail art featuring interesting stripes, geometric patterns, crystal embellishments and chic ombre designs.

If you'd like to try out more daring nail designs, opt for a silvery metallic or glittered polish. However, if you prefer to wear neutral tones rather than metallic polish, try a manicure with a less obvious pearlescent finish instead.

In addition to metallic polish, glittered and crystal embellishments will also be a popular nail designs trend for spring. If you are not afraid to walk on the wild side, opt for a manicure featuring contrasting colors in a racing stripe pattern or houndstooth design. You may also want to experiment with a chevron stripe or checkerboard pattern as well.

One of the most wearable nail designs for spring are ombre-inspired color schemes. Ombre patterns feature two colors that bleed from one color to the other. This versatile look can be achieved with bold, bright colors like black and green or red and pink for a dramatic look. Ombre designs can also be achieved with less dramatic tones such as pink and beige or gray and white for a more neutral approach.

Winter is still coming, but fashion is nothing if it's not forward-looking. Get ahead of the curve by embracing some of these spring 2012 nail art and nail designs trends right now, while everyone else is still stuck in the present.

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