Beauty Industry Breakthroughs for 2015

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 12/07/2015 • Health

Beauty Industry Breakthroughs for 2015

Checking out products at the latest salon, cosmetics store, or drugstore is like opening gifts on Christmas morning for some of us! What’s even better is that every season brings new products, new developments in the beauty industry, and changes that excite professionals and customers alike.

In 2015, the beauty industry made some big strides. Whether you’re a beauty professional or a consumer, these changes can definitely make your life and your beauty routine better. Find out what our favorite beauty breakthroughs are for 2015!

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Natural Skincare Products

Of all of the industry breakthroughs this year, the prolific rise in natural beauty products may be the single best one!

People are starting to become more health-conscious, including not only what they put in their body, but also what they put on their body.

It’s getting more common to see beauty shoppers reading labels, checking out ingredient lists, and choosing products that have more natural ingredients. After all, who wants to slather their skin with the same stuff used in fuel or in a household cleaner? This trend includes a move toward products that are not tested on animals as well, signifying the rise of the conscious consumer.

This has led to another big trend in beauty—Korean beauty products! These products are often made from natural plants and materials, like snail slime, yeast extract, sponges that live hundreds of miles below sea level, and bamboo sap.

Combining Beauty and Wellness

People are getting busier and busier, a trend that (despite our wishes) doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. But there’s a silver lining—it’s led to the combination of beauty and wellness within the beauty industry!

This change has come about because people realize that their appearance and their health are linked. What you eat and what you do to keep your body active shows up on your skin! Consumers are choosing beauty products that are effective and good for their skin, spa services that improve the health and appearance of their skin, and striving for healthy hair.

Anti-Aging Products

Let’s be honest, anti-aging products have been around since the beginning of time. Cleopatra used jute, Bathorii reportedly used virginal blood, and ancient Romans used cinnamon. But right now, we’re talking about millennials. Anti-aging products used to be reserved for women in their late 30s and 40s who could drop triple digits at the department store counters on products.

Now, anti-aging products are in demand at all ages, with over 40% of millennials using anti-aging products (Women’s Marketing, 2015)! What this means for the industry is exciting new products, new formulations and blends that cater to younger customers, and new skin care needs to learn about—all at prices that are easier for the working girl (or guy) to afford!


If we listed every cool type of beauty technology that became popular in 2015, you’d be reading for weeks. Cosmetology has always valued technology and what it does for beauty, but 2015 really saw some great inventions.

Apps are becoming super popular in beauty (The Savvy Stylist, 2015). Customers shop using beauty apps, try new shades out on pictures of themselves, and keep track of their beauty routines on their phones. This includes wellness devices that track sun exposure, water intake, and other measures of health.

2015 has been a great year for the cosmetology industry—what’s your favorite beauty breakthrough of the year?