We all have them. Some days in cosmetology school are just s-l-o-w. So why not play cosmetology games? Learning through a fun challenge will make the afternoon fly by. Here are some fun cosmetology game ideas to take a break from the normal routine of beauty school.

Submitted by Elizabeth on 03/15/2011 - 16:29

Cosmetology Games:

1.    Think Fast: Have your instructor give each student 5 items to create a style. Be as create as you can be!

2.    Themed contests: Have a themed contest where each student has to perform a certain look on their mannequin head. Students vote on their favorite looks. Winner gets a free product or lunch!

3.    The Dirty Rag Contest: Spend an hr cleaning and see who can make their towel the dirtiness. Prize awarded of course for this one!

4.    Work in Groups: Students divide into teams and pick a student in the group to be the model. Each team has is given a certain look for to create on their model. For example - 80s style, Lady Gaga or red carpet diva. The team that performs the look more creatively wins.

5.    Bingo: Create bingo cards that list services the students have to perform to work toward getting bingo!

6.    Blindfolded Updos: Students have to perform an updo look blindfolded. This is a fun one!