Talia Castellano is one of those rare individuals who truly inspires the world with her presence and optimistic attitude. As a 13-year-old cancer patient fighting multiple forms of cancer, Talia Castellano creates makeup tutorials on YouTube in order to inspire audiences and help others battling rare forms of cancer. She is the epitome of strength, courage and an unwavering attitude in the face of hardship.

Just recently, Talia Castellano made a special appearance on the Ellen show. There she discussed the passion that she has for applying makeup as a way to express her feelings and show her dynamic personality. She has more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers, and she has become a huge success on the Internet. In one of her YouTube videos, Talia discusses that makeup is her version of a "wig." Her makeup is what gives her the confidence to go out to the grocery store without an actual wig. She is nothing but optimistic, perhaps revealing her immense courage and ability to stand out. She has an incredible sense of self-awareness for a person of such a young age.When Talia made her way on the Ellen show, she received a special surprise. First, she was able to meet one of her own idols, Ellen Degeneres. She was also able to be named an honorary Cover Girl during her appearance on the Ellen show. Ellen Degeneres gave a beautiful portrait to Talia to commemorate the moment. Talia also received a $20,000 gift from Cover Girl, as well as a personal makeup table. Since then Talia has done a number of high profile interviews and has even hit the Red Carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Festival as a "correspondent" for the Ellen show.


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Through her appearances, we learned that Talia's mom also works in the beauty industry as an esthetician, and that Talia dreams of becoming a celebrity makeup artist and trying her hand at special effects makeup someday! Her YouTube channel is chock full of tons and tons of makeup tips, tricks and tutorials, and she is incredibly knowledgeable about makeup design and applications. The coolest part of all is that she is completely self-taught! Check out Talia Castellano's Makeup YouTube Channel here.

Talia's interview with Ellen Degeneres was also quite revealing of the young girl's strength and immense wisdom for such a young age. During her interview with Ellen, Ellen asked her how she could remain so strong in the face of adversity. Talia replied that she refuses to be depressed, and that she instead chooses to be happy. She even referred to a famous quote from the movie Finding Nemo, saying that a little fish had told her to "just keep swimming!" Ellen replied with a laugh to the quote, and Ellen also told Talia that she was an "old soul" and that she was honored to meet her.

Talia is an inspiration to women, cancer fighters and makeup artists around the world. She shows that one can pursue her dreams, even in the midst of fighting an intense battle with cancer. Even when one feels like she is being bogged down by negative circumstances, it is always possible to create one's own reality as Talia does on a daily basis. Becoming a makeup artist is one way that anyone can express his or her creativity and enjoy a fulfilling career for life and Talia has taken that to her own incredible level. As she has shown us all, being a makeup artist can be a great way to empower others and make them feel good about themselves.Also, someone get this girl enrolled in makeup school and get her licensed, pronto! She is way too talented... she'd probably be teaching the class!

BONUS! I love this video of Talia interviewing Ellen's makeup artist! Look how they're geeking out about their favorite makeup products. :)