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Are you graduating from cosmetology school, setting up your own shop in town, or selling beauty products on the web?  Are you wondering what will be the next trend or beauty breakthrough? Have you thought about what will set your business apart from the rest?  And of course, what will bring you the  most ROI (return on Investment)?  How about having the client finesse skills that retain and bring future clientele? Overwhelmed? I don't blame you.

Submitted by Elizabeth on 06/08/2012 - 13:48

First, let's talk about the beauty market. The customer dictates the new “flavor" for beauty.  Since I have been keeping my eye on beauty, including color trends, fashion, style and hair care, I can identify that the customer is looking for the science of the natural beauty cosmetic.  So what does this mean to you as a hairstylist, colorist or makeup artist?  As an artist myself, I can safely say that colors will come and go, trends and fads will be buried and resurrected forever, but one thing is for sure - the new beauty customer is looking for safer, non-toxic, high quality home-grown beauty products from botanicals, not from the bottle. I am passionately engrossed on educating young women and men on researching and buying safer products for home and professional use. This is not just a passing trend. Bringing Green to Beauty is now becoming a "Lifestyle" for many.  This idea is based on health and well-being for the betterment of society to live a "richer" "greener" life.  If you take your health seriously then take your beauty seriously...and go green.

How can you bring green to your beauty business? I have now created resources of professionals that do just that. They bring natural green and organic beauty to makeup artists, hairstylists, cosmetologists and skincare professionals. There is a huge network of people that no one seems to know about. They hide in their labs, intoxicating themselves with the goodness of beauty in nature and bringing pleasure to all who seek natural ways to exfoliate skin, clear acne scars, or envelope their body in organic essential oils. I call it the NBU, the Natural Beauty Underground.

Want to make green connections? Gotta grow strong roots. My recommendation to pull forward in the green organic cosmetics industry is to form connections with members of the organic and green beauty community - especially those in the Natural Beauty Underground. There are so many great green resources out there. Get on LinkedIn! Join Salons Going Green, Organic Beauty, Cosmetic Storm and the countless other groups on LinkedIn you can find. Many professionals are happy to give you a wealth of info and advice. Or Tweet me at @terry6106 and ask me to connect you other professionals in the same organic and green beauty game.

Also, check out my newsletter. I write a new issue every month exposing readers to green issues and organic beauty products in the beauty industry. All vendors in the magazine donate to green beauty and get a free listing in the magazine and on my personal website directory list. The can supply any large or small start-up business with the green beauty products you need to get started. They will meet and exceed all green beauty requirements for your spa or salon. Another source of green beauty products is Eye on Beauty, an online Natural Beauty Boutique showcasing paraben-free and cruelty-free beauty products.  All cosmetics are non-toxic and are available to purchase in large quantities for your shop.

My greatest green comrades can all be found in Eye on Green Magazine. They are green front-runners in the cosmetics industry. Their passion for green beauty science is making history. They are the driving force behind my business as a green beauty cosmetics professional, writer, and industry resource point person. Connect with all these invaluable members of the green beauty community, and bring green to your business for the future. Green beauty is here to stay.