Kansas City Fashion Week 2012 - September 5-9

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Kansas City Fashion Week 2012 - September 5-9

Beauty Schools Directory will be covering Kansas City Fashion Week 2012 from September 5 to 9. We got a chance to speak with Executive Director Teisha Barber about the upcoming events!

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Beauty Schools Directory: What exactly is your role in Kansas City Fashion Week?  

Teisha Barber: I am the Executive Director of Kansas City Fashion Week.  I plan, oversee, and coordinate all fashion shows, parties, castings, etc for each Spring and Fall show, all with the help of my wonderful committee of course

BSD: For those who aren't familiar, please explain what exactly KCFW is and what it features.  

Barber: KCFW is 5 days full of fashion events featuring local, regional, and national designer's newest collections in several high-quality runway shows.  Local models, hair stylists, make-up artists, photographers, and boutiques are also featured in several runway shows throughout the event.  Kansas City has so many talented fashion industry professionals.  We are striving to make that more known to the larger cities and across the country.


BSD: How many Kansas City Fashion Weeks have happened in the past?  

Barber: This will be Kansas City Fashion Week LLC's third event.

BSD: How is this year's the same or different from past years?  

Barber: September's show is different from our  show in February for several reasons.  We've added several events including a Boutique Sponsor Showcase, a Bride Day Event, and a Designer Trunk Show.  We not only have regional designers in September, but we also have a national and international presence. February was regional. We have several new performances throughout the week from recording artist Kristen May and Quixotic.  Finally, this is our first show partnering with a charity, and we could not be happier with our partnership with Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter.

BSD: What should people attend this show over other cities they may have to choose from?

Barber: We have 8 to 9 designers per show, and each show is a mixture of different types of fashion.  We want the audience to be able to see a variety of styles each night, just in case they aren't able to attend every show.  We partner with performing arts groups to bring the audience not only a fashion show, but a performance as well.

BSD: How do you find and choose hairstylists, makeup artists and other cosmetology-related staff for the event?

Barber: Some designers do have their own stylists that they book themselves.  Kansas City Fashion Week has an application process for hairstylists and makeup artists and our selection committee then chooses salons and individuals to participate, based on their availability, experience, and portfolios.

BSD: What are you hoping to achieve with KCFW?

Barber: We ultimately want to give Kansas City a new fashion outlet and make us a more prominent city in the fashion industry.  Many people don't get a chance to travel to one of the larger cities for Fashion Week, so we would like to bring it closer to home.  It also allows local and national designers a way of making their brand known to a new audience whether it be the consumers or buyers for boutiques and stores.  Not only do we want to showcase our designers, but also the variety of talent we have here in Kansas City from models, hairstylists, makeup artists, and photographers.  KCFW allows each of these areas of fashion to become involved and gain exposure for themselves, their brands and businesses.

BSD: What do you hope that attendees will walk away with?

Barber: We hope that each attendee walks away feeling as though they saw some amazing pieces from our designers.  We definitely want to hear people saying, "I have to have that!"