There are ways to stand out and get ahead in the cosmetology world, and entrepreneur Jodie Patterson found her place by experimenting, being creative and thinking of her personal life as well as her career. Her journey and ongoing work with her companies DooBop and Georgia provide lessons about how to adapt and succeed.

44-year-old Jodie Patterson dabbled in fields like publishing, music, public relations and fashion before moving to the beauty industry. Patterson told Elle that experimenting with different careers allowed her to "learn things I wasn’t necessarily good at" until she mastered new skills and could "move on to something else that was exciting and had a high learning curve." A student in the beauty industry can use this approach to become more marketable by learning multiple skills in different areas like makeup, selling and customer service, hair styling, nail services and more.

When moving from fashion to the beauty industry, the entrepreneur said, "Beauty is so beautiful. It’ll be a perfect place for me and my family.” Patterson has five children and uses her family as inspiration. She said each pregnancy was an opportunity to be creative and think of new ideas while creating new life.

As a long time explorer and note taker, the entrepreneur was able to see an underserved area and co-start a beauty site that caters to women of color. DooBop offers skin care, hair care and makeup products that can be difficult to find elsewhere for the hair textures and complexions that women of color may possess. Similarly, finding a niche or offering a unique service can make a hair stylist or skin care expert invaluable to the right customers.

Georgia is a natural skin care company that can appeal to a broader audience, but the site aims to create an intimate vibe when connecting with shoppers. Patterson achieves this by including "Jodie's Tips" with product descriptions and by engaging readers outside of selling by blogging and creating YouTube videos about topics like health, style, travel and family. While experience and the products one uses matter in the beauty world, her website teaches the lesson that creating a connection with clients and potential clients is just as important.

Jodie Patterson's story and accomplishments demonstrate one way those in the beauty industry can achieve while raising a family. She can also serve as an inspiration when it comes to learning multiple skills, being genuine while business minded and thinking imaginatively.

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Submitted by Elizabeth on 01/05/2015 - 09:46