More Men Than Ever Enrolling in Cosmetology

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More Men Than Ever Enrolling in Cosmetology

Careers in cosmetology are not just for women. More and more, the stigmas associated with men in the cosmetology field are disappearing. If you have not already noticed, men are starting to hold their ground in the cosmetology industry. Maybe you have had a man do your nails or style your hair already. If not, you might be missing out on one of the latest trends in the beauty industry and someone who will do just as amazing a job on your hair as any woman, despite the stereotypes regarding men in this field.

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Once upon a time, barbers were all men while women dominated as cosmetologists and beauticians. Men are now entering into the realm of cosmetology more than ever and changing the assumption that men are only barbers (or that barbers are only men for that matter - some estimates say that nearly half of barbers in the U.S. are women!). In fact, even the American Association of Cosmetology Schools declared that the number of male cosmetology students is on the rise. Xenon International in Green Island is just one school that reported an increase in enrollment from male students.

Denise Woodward, a School Director at Joseph's Cosmetology in Kearney, stated that the shift in beauty career choices for men is associated with men discovering the importance of grooming and altering their mindset about salons. Men were once thought of as rough and ungroomed, but by today's standards that is no longer the case.

Woodward noted that her school currently has one male student enrolled and a few that have already graduated this year. In addition, she has two more signed up to begin in the near future. One male student from the school, David Rosenthal, said that his choice to enroll in cosmetology school was based on the fact that this profession is something that can benefit him in the long run. He believes that he will always have something to fall back on later in life even if he were to change careers between now and then. He further commented that you can really make a name for yourself in this industry. So obviously job stability and the ability to be known for your skill and creativity is playing a role in the decision to become cosmetologists for some men. In an international cosmetology market worth over $10 billion, men are contributing more to this industry every year. This is especially true, since according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects cosmetology jobs to grow about 14% between now and the year 2020.

So you might be wondering what is the hardest aspect of cosmetology from a male's standpoint? Well, Rosenthal declared that not having long hair to work on is the hardest part. He stated that learning to do updos is quite difficult especially when you are not used to working on long hair. For him, his strength lies within cutting hair, but he's growing in all aspects of cosmetology. Men can take inspiration from other males who had immense success in the cosmetology field. Vidal Sasson, John Frieda and Chris McMillan are all examples of men who made hair styling into a lucrative career. In addition, these men were renowned for the great care they provided for clients and their passion for constantly learning about new styles in the industry.

Walk into any salon these days, and you will likely see at least one or two men at the styling chairs. Men have taken the cosmetology world by storm, and they are continuing to make it a better industry. For men who are looking for a growing career field to enter into, cosmetology should remain an option. If you are a man who thinks he could be great at the skills, technique and creativity involved in beauty trades like hairstyling, nail technology or makeup artistry, fear not. The rumor mill and stigmas are disappearing, and now is the perfect time to consider cosmetology school a legitimate option for a rewarding and fulfilling future career. At least talk to cosmetology schools near you and see what options you have for your future.