Cosmetology state boards are being evaluated, which could result in big changes for the cosmetology industry. The Food and Drug Administration is limited when it comes to regulating certain cosmetics. Often time state boards will aid in inspecting these products, making sure they are following safety guidelines, but now certain state boards are being inspected as well including North Carolina State Board of Cosmetology. The NC State Board licenses roughly 85,000 cosmetologists and beauty experts throughout its 78 years of operation. But currently, North Carolina is under review.

Submitted by Elizabeth on 03/30/2011 - 16:33

With licensing, styling and salon fees being high, especially during these currently times of a recession, some supervisors feel getting rid of these fees would bring a sigh of relieve for the beauty industry. If this were to happen, the Cosmetology Board's services will not be as needed, which would bring a restricting or elimination of the state board all together. The board's mission is to protect the public from using unsafe beauty products. Some fear that North Carolina could become a less quality environment if safety checks were no longer in place. If licensing was no longer required for cosmetologists to practice, this could potentially result in more harm than good, especially when it comes to sanitary regulations!