On the Hunt for the Best Mascara

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 02/04/2009 • Makeup

On the Hunt for the Best Mascara

Like most women, I've been on the hunt for the perfect mascara since I was, oh, about 13 years old. And, man, have I run the gamut! From drug store finds promising big bang for my bucks to the more expensive over-the-makeup-counter stuff, I think I've tried it all to get those luscious lashes I crave. Maybe some of you aspiring makeup artists attending makeup artist classes know the answer?

I've talked to my girlfriends about the latest products and I've talked to mom's friends about the brands with staying power - still, this holy grail of makeup products has managed to elude me!

So, I recently decided to hit up the wonderful Web for more info. According to my research (which consisted of quite a fair amount of Googling) it seems that Lancome DEFINCILS is the celebrated champion. The overwhelming majority of sites lauded this mascara for having the best lengthening, volumizing and staying power around.

It comes in 4 shades: black; brown; deep brown and navy. And, it's available at most makeup retail stores. The price of this perfection? A whopping $24. It seems a little pricey for something I have to restock every 3 months, but I'm thinking it could be worth it since mascara is my one must-wear product (if I don't wear it, people ask me whether I'm tired or sick all day.)

When it came to less expensive mascaras, my research didn't come up with an obvious winner. However, Maybelline Great Lash (the one that comes in the hot pink and neon green tube) and Cover Girl LashBlast both came up a bit more often than others.

So, it seems that the hunt for the perfect bargain mascara continues. In the meantime, I'm going to try Lancome DEFINCILS out. I'll let you know how it goes.