Oscars Add Hairdressers to Makeup Category

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 07/20/2012 • Hair

Oscars Add Hairdressers to Makeup Category

The 85th Academy Awards show will have a new category this year, and hairstylists are glad that recognition is finally being given to their efforts. The new category, named "The Makeup and Hairstyling Award," now recognizes the hairdressers and the talent that they bring to the wide screen.

The campaign to create a new hairstyling category began over a year ago. Angelina Jolie's hairstylist  Ted Gibson started a campaign on Facebook called We Need an Oscar for Hair. The Facebook page caused the Academy to reconsider the way that it honors hairdressers for their contributions to major films.

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In the past, the Academy gave out an award to beauty professionals called the "Best Makeup" award. That was the only award that hairstylists could possibly receive for their efforts in contributing to the beautiful appearances of celebrities in films. While Ted Gibson is excited for the change in the name, he believes that this is only a "great start" and that additional categories still need to be created that are specific to hairstylists.

Some actors and actresses in Hollywood also seem to believe that hairdressers deserve greater recognition from the Academy. In her award speech, Meryl Streep gave credit to her hairstylist for her work in The Iron Lady. Meryl Streep said she would likely not have won her award for her role in The Iron Lady if she had just appeared on set without any hair or makeup done. Hairstylists provide a very important service for celebrities.

Ever since the announcement was made that the makeup category would be renamed to honor hairstylists, hairstylists have been expressing their feelings about the change in the Facebook group. Hairstylists have been saying that as much as they are thrilled with the change in the name, it simply is not enough. They are saying that the Academy needs to create its own category for hairstylists and that they deserve to be recognized for the hours of intensive coloring and styling that they do for celebrities in films. Films like Marie Antoinette would not have been complete without the expertise of experienced hairdressers in creating gorgeous hair styles.

If the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences wants to provide greater recognition for hairstylists, then it could make it a point to include a new category that awards hairstylists for their work. Beauty professionals and film professionals alike are saying that the Academy should give makeup artists and hairstylists the recognition that they deserve in their own independent categories. Without them, celebrities could not look as beautiful as they do on the runway and as convincing as they do on the silver screen.