The beauty industry is forever changing and growing. From the types of procedures offered to diversity with employment, this field is expanding, and spas are no different. For those looking for a new career in the beauty industry, the job openings at salons and spas are increasing, and the revenue generated from this field is rising steadily. In fact, even in a tough economy, spa revenue in the U.S. is growing, and at a speed that tops overall U.S. economic growth.

According to the International Spa Association (ISPA), there was revenue of $12.8 billion dollars for the spa industry in 2010. In the following year, the revenue improved. The yearly study that is conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) indicated that $13.4 billion were earned by spa; this is an increase of 4.5 percent of total revenue.The International Spa Association notes that the number of visits to a spa increased as well. In fact, the study shows that there were 156 million visits in 2011. In the previous year, spa visits measured by the PwC's survey were at 150 million. The statistics revealed that the number of visits to a spa were up by 4.1 percent.

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The number of full-time employees who work in spas increased as well. The PwC's study shows that there were 149,200 full-time employees in the spa industry, in 2011. In just a year's time, the amount of full-timeworkers rose to 163,100. This means that there was an increase of 9.3 percent, which surpasses the total percentage of economic growth in the U.S. The total number of employees, including full-time and part-time, increased, too. This number went from 338,600 in May of 2011 to 339,400 in May of 2012. While the change may only be 0.2 percent, this proves that the number of opportunities in the spa industry is growing steadily. The data from the survey also revealed that the number of contracted and part-time employees decreased, but this means that the industry is growing so rapidly that full-time employees may be needed to meet with the demand of spa services.

In the latest survey conducted by the PwC in May of 2012, data showed that spas are increasing their services and make changes to stimulate business. Eighty-three percent of all spas made some form of change, if not several changes. These improvements in salon and spa businesses could have been among the reasons that salons and spas seeing more visits. Another possibility may be the desire for people to get away and relax, but instead of taking expensive vacations, they instead opt for "stay-cations" and enjoy a luxurious day at the salon or spa.

Unlike many products out there today (gas prices, anyone?) the price of spa services have remained fairly stable in recent years. Statically speaking, the spa industry is improving and growing for both customers and employees. Along with the International Spa Association, we're optimistic that the spa industry will continue to grow at a healthy rate and prospective employment in the industry will increase as well.So what does this mean for people trained in the beauty services? Good things, of course! Recent graduates of cosmetology schools and esthetics schools can hopefully look forward to more available jobs to begin their careers, and more demand for the kinds of beauty and luxury services they have to offer.