Step this way

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 11/21/2008 • Health

Step this way

As the temperature drops, it seems like the number of invites to parties goes up... well, at least for the holiday season it seems that way. The mixers, cocktail parties and holiday shindigs seem endless and if you want to look your best, put your best foot forward - literally.

If your feet are already looking tired and tried then this blog is just for you! I found a great blog that offers advice to help spruce up your feet just in time for the holidays! Try these little nuggets and not only will your feet thank you, people will want to know how you keep your toes looking their best.

Wear the right shoes.

Take the time to pick out shoes or heels that are comfortable and properly fit your foot. It never hurts to ask a sales associate to check your size. Sometimes our feet can change just like our waistlines.

Rub it in!

Treat yourself to a pedicure or a foot massage. This can help with corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, and other foot ailments that can make your feet hurt.

Practice good hygiene.

Keep your feet clean and try to help eliminate your risk of developing fungal issues.

Give it a rest!

At the end of the day take off your shoes, prop your feet up, and give them a rest. Stretch them out and let them have a little room to breathe.

Consult your doctor.

Never be afraid to seek medical help for any foot ailment that you may have. Taking care of the problem early can make all the difference in your ability to 'kick up your heels.

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