Red Alert

WRITTEN BY: lindsey On 08/25/2017 • NonCommercial, Hair

Red Alert: Red Hair Trend

How do you spot a certified trend in 2017? Check your smartphone! With red-headed emojis in the works, it’s a pretty safe bet that gingers are stealing the spotlight. Sure enough, a quick scan of pop culture magazines and fashion runways confirms red is the hot new hair color. If you’re heading to cosmetology school or already helping clients choose cuts and colors, be ready to see a lot more red.

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Which shade of red suits you best?

Before clients settle on the fire engine or strawberry blonde end of the red spectrum, tell them how the hair and skin they already have factored into the equation. A natural blonde can easily pull off lighter shades of red. But brunette’s either have to choose a darker shade, such as auburn, or be patient enough to color their hair lighter and then tint it red.

Red dyes inadvertently highlight existing tones in darker hair -- e.g. copper. Cover these possibilities beforehand, and you’ll help your clients avoid any unpleasant surprises.

You should also talk to clients up front about choosing colors that complement their skin tone. You don’t need porcelain skin to pull off red hair; if you’re working with someone whose skin tones are warmer suggest a more coppery shade. Lighter skin and freckled complexions look great with strawberry highlights or ginger, while dark skin looks amazing with rich auburns and bright reds. Torn between two shades? Break the tie by comparing both in natural versus indoor light and considering how they’ll lighten with time.

Recommend hair products that lock in color

It’s no secret that red hair color fades quickly, so remind your clients to wait 24 hours after their appointment before washing. It’s also a good idea to steer them toward color-safe products that won’t strip their locks. Red hair’s popularity is reflected in everything from new root touch-up products to hair glazes that boost vibrancy between colorings. With fewer washings and the right maintenance tools, newly minted redheads will get even more enjoyment out of their adopted color.

Complete the look with redhead-friendly makeup

Even clients who come to you with red hair might be surprised at the makeup choices for fair-skinned and freckled faces. Color-correcting foundations, subtler eyebrow pencils, and mascaras specifically for coarser red hair (because eyelashes tend to match hair type) are all relative newcomers to the makeup aisle. When it comes to complementary eyeshadow colors, Redhead Revolution puts the entire rainbow on the table with a full spectrum of colors that suit gingers to a tee.

Like many beauty trends, the current red hair craze means new information and products for cosmetology professionals in skincare, makeup artistry, and more. If you’re still deciding which field suits you best, why not visit your top cosmetology schools? It’s free, informative and a great way to make a choice that could guide your career for years to come.