A Natural Body Oil that actually IS natural

WRITTEN BY: joel.mackey On 08/16/2018

natural body oil that truly has natural ingredients
We're always on the hunt for healthy products that can make a difference in your daily beauty routine and not bring bad ingredients to the table. We can really be thrown off guard with all the products out there that claim to be organic, natural, holistic etc. If you've looked…

Trend spotting: Putting Tattoo Nightmares To Bed

WRITTEN BY: Anonymous On 05/14/2018

ethetics tattoo removal
Tattoo Removal as an Esthetician Tattooing is a centuries-old art used by warriors to celebrate battle victories and by sailors to ensure proper identification should their ship be lost at sea. Today, tattoos are used for everything from self-expression to proclaiming gang…

Great pumpkin! They’re not just for lattes anymore

WRITTEN BY: lindsey On 09/01/2017

Great pumpkin! They’re not just for lattes anymore
Brace yourself. The annual onslaught of pumpkin flavored, scented, colored, etc. merchandise is about to hit. But in all the marketing, don’t lose sight of pumpkin’s valuable skincare qualities. Rich in vitamins, zinc, and potassium, the only fruit noble enough to earn a Charlie…

Skincare Meets Space Age with Laser Cosmetology

WRITTEN BY: lindsey On 08/31/2017

Skincare Meets Space Age with Laser Cosmetology
Lasers are great for blowing up things in space. In pen form, they’re the perfect high-tech cat toy. But in skincare circles, lasers are the hottest thing since self-warming moisturizers. Cosmetologists can boost their revenue and broaden their client base just by adding laser…

Game of Thrones Guide to Skincare

WRITTEN BY: lindsey On 08/18/2017

Game of Thrones: Guide to Skincare
In six seasons of Game of Thrones, not a single character ducked into the spa or enjoyed a nice, relaxing facial. But so many characters have great looking skin! We’re lucky to live in an era where esthetics program graduates are ready and willing to provide top-notch skincare.…

Now Available: Dr. Pimple Popper Acne Spot Treatment

WRITTEN BY: lindsey On 11/22/2016

By now we have all gotten very familiar with Sandra Lee, MD – a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper. If you’re not, well, you should be! But first, put down your food as what you are about to see could cause some unpleasant reactions. With more than 831,592,000 views on her YouTube channel,…

Drugstore Dollars

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 05/07/2016

Drugstore Dollars
Hello Gorgeous!  We a true believer that you can invest "big" in your beauty for "little" dollars. The drugstore has been a continued source of wonderful beauty products: the kind of beauty products that have stood "my" test of time and still come out on top, all for a super…

Skin Care Saturday: Sunscreen for Different Skin Types

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 04/30/2016

Skin Care Saturday: Sunscreen for Different Skin Types
Greetings fabulous friends, Happy Saturday to you all! Summer is almost here, and there is no better time to learn about sunscreen for different types of skin. Although sunscreen should be worn everyday throughout the year, applying sun block is especially important when…

Skin Care Saturday: All About That Glow

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 04/23/2016

Skin Care Saturday: All About That Glow
Admit it, we have all experienced that little green monster that comes out of us, you know, that thing they call jealousy? Face it dolls, we have looked at other women, models, people and thought to ourselves, how is their skin so perfect? Don’t fear, miracles can happen, and…

Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Winter

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 01/07/2016

Top 10 Skin Care Tips for Winter
Winter brings with it fresh snowfall, Christmas presents, hot chocolate, and…dry skin. It might not be your favorite part of winter, but it is important to change your skin care routine to adjust to the dropping temperatures and intense winds of the season. Not sure where to…

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