Great pumpkin! They’re not just for lattes anymore

WRITTEN BY: lindsey On 09/01/2017 • Skin

Great pumpkin! They’re not just for lattes anymore

Brace yourself. The annual onslaught of pumpkin flavored, scented, colored, etc. merchandise is about to hit. But in all the marketing, don’t lose sight of pumpkin’s valuable skincare qualities. Rich in vitamins, zinc, and potassium, the only fruit noble enough to earn a Charlie Brown special is also a formidable ingredient at any esthetician’s work station.

Whether you’re exploring skincare career opportunities or already working with clients, pre-fall is a great time to recap the benefits of pumpkin-based treatments:

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A, C, and E

Healing, soothing, collagen boosting, sebum regulating … as a skincare ACE you know these vitamins are integral to maintaining beautiful skin. Concerned about health tissue in deeper skin layers? Vitamin A stimulates that. Focused on preventing the signs of aging? Hello, Vitamin C! Oily skin problems? Vitamin E to the rescue. Pumpkin even throws in essential fatty acids, which help maintain the barrier qualities that keeps skin hydrated.

It’s got the zinc to send acne on its way

For clients who are battling acne, introduce pumpkin seeds’ secret weapon: zinc. It not only helps control hormones and oiliness, it also promotes healing. Talk about an anti-acne trifecta!

Bright skin gets a boost from pumpkin

Sure, pumpkin tastes great, but when it’s applied to skin, its molecular structure allows it to penetrate deeply. The result? Brightening and smoothing that’s more than epidermis deep.

Hold the pie -- let’s talk cell turnover!

So you’ve got multiple layers of beautiful, pumpkin-enhanced skin, now what? That’s where the fruit’s alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) come in. By boosting cell turnover, AHAs’ exfoliating properties help dislodge old, dead skin cells to reveal new, healthy tissue.

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Once you’ve introduced your clients to skincare à la pumpkin, they may want to incorporate it into their home beauty routine. Plenty of night creams and moisturizers are infused with peptides, plant extracts, and antioxidants that mirror pumpkin’s benefits. Have these products on hand and offer them as part of a year-round beauty routine centered on pumpkin’s healing properties.

Pumpkin-based skincare is just one element of the ever-changing esthetics industry. To expand your skincare knowledge and acquire new in-demand skills that build loyal client lists, explore the Continuing Education opportunities at a cosmetology school near you.