Cut and Style Long Hair Tutorial

Meet Jenny. Jenny has gorgeous hair, but it's too much to handle. We're going to help her by taking the weight out and trying two different hair styles. Ready to begin?




Step 1: Preparing

First, we're going to start by separating her hair into 4 sections.

Step 2: Cutting the back

Next, let's trim about 3 inches from her hair. To do this, we're going to make a zero-degree cut. (This means we cut straight across with no elevation.)

After we have her hair at the length we desire, we can do vertical partings, then add movement and texture to her hair.

To do this, we will cut at a 90-degree angle, following the shape of her head. This will layer her hair and help blend it.

Step 3: Cutting the sides

Now we're going to cut the sides at a zero-degree cut to match the back.

After we have trimmed the sides, we will proceed with the 90-degree angle cut again.

Step 4: Removing weight

In order to take weight off of her hair and make it more manageable, we will point-cut her hair with 7-inch shears.

We can also use a razor for this procedure. Using a razor will give a shaggier, more textured look to her hair.


Style 1: Sleak, modern look.

Now we're going to style Jenny's hair. For the first option, we are going to use a flat iron for a sleek style.

Use a touch of pomade to help add some shine.


Here's Jenny with her new cut. What a great sleek, modern look!

Style 2: Curls

Now we'll add some curl.

By applying a touch of hairspray before curling, we will get the most staying power.

Using a Marcel iron, we will wrap small sections.

Once we finish this section, we will continue until we have done all of her hair.


Voila! Isn't she gorgeous? Who wouldn't want beautiful curly hair like this