We checked in with Brenda Corona, the October 2012 winner of the esthetics school scholarship from BeautySchoolsDirectory.com. She is halfway through her skin care training program at Dermal Science International Aesthetics academy in Reston, VA and loving her school and instructors!

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Beauty Schools Directory: How's esthetics school going?

Brenda Corona: It's really good, I like it.  It's really fun.  Well, right now we're exactly halfway done and I think they're going to speed it up so we're going to be done even sooner because they're going to add more hours or something like that.  So, I'm excited for that.  In two weeks we're going to start doing the make up and I'm really excited for that.  I'm like "Yay."  So that should be really fun.

Beauty Schools Directory: What have you enjoyed most about being in esthetics school so far?

Brenda Corona: I like learning about the skin and how everything works but I actually like, you know, actually putting hands on and doing everything and now we're like getting clients, of course, you know, with an instructor in there and she guides us through what we're doing.  I like to get my hands on in stuff and that's fun.

Beauty Schools Directory: What kinds of services are you offering clients?

Brenda Corona: We do just basic; we're not waxing yet.  We just do facials, like, just basic facials and exfoliating, and just cleansing and just stuff like that but the instructor is always there with us. If we need anything, she'll be there to help us and guide us if anything we're doing is wrong.  So, it's only been a couple weeks and we do back facials as well so it's good, it's fine.

Beauty Schools Directory: Are you learning what you had hoped to learn in esthetics school?

Brenda Corona: Actually, I'm learning more than what I was expecting.  Once you're going into it you know exactly all the stuff that you're going to be learning.  So I'm glad that I'm learning more than what I expected, not less than what I was going for.

Beauty Schools Directory: What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned in esthetics school?

Brenda Corona: The instructor tells us that, once we've started, it's going to be a whole new language.  Once you go in, you figure that "Oh, I know a lot of this stuff."  But at the same time, once you're learning everything from the book, it's like "Oh, I didn't know anything."  So everything's pretty much new and, like she said, it's a whole new language that we're learning.  I think everything's pretty much fascinating for me.

Beauty Schools Directory: Is there anything especially difficult you weren’t expecting to be so hard?

Brenda Corona: Well, I like everything but the thing is that I really have to, like... like some people it's easy to... you know, because we have tests mostly every week and all these things like in school and I really have to study and put a lot of extra time so that I can understand and I can do good in my exams and all this other stuff.  Some people just reading it once in school and they'll be fine.  For me, I really have to apply myself and study at school and then come home and reread it and do extra so I can do good in school.  Yeah, it's been a challenge but I'm doing good.

Beauty Schools Directory: How is your class structure changing as you go through school?

Brenda Corona: It's actually been a half day for theory and a half day hands on.  As we go more towards the end, we're doing more hands-on and sometimes we do less theory, because I guess we're going too fast.  So, sometimes we're in the theory room for at least two weeks or so, we've just been doing more hands-on.

Beauty Schools Directory: Are you learning things besides actual esthetics products and services?

Brenda Corona: We learn about communications with the clients, how we're supposed to treat them, how the room is supposed to look and things that we have to do, the sanitation.  We've pretty much learned most of... we only have maybe eight chapters left.  So, we've pretty much learned everything from sanitation to the clients and how professional we have to be and look.  How we look is the aspect that we're going to give the clients.  Pretty much we've covered pretty much everything I figure.  The only things we have left is, like, make-up, the career focus and waxing and maybe two other ones.  And that's pretty much it.

Beauty Schools Directory: What do you recommend looking for when choosing a school?

Brenda Corona: A lot of us go by the reviews of the school and sometimes it's not exactly... sometimes we don't have to go by the reviews because not everybody's looking for the same thing as we are looking for.  You just have to pretty much just go to the school and see for your own how the school runs and how everything is going in that school.  Maybe even ask other students that are already enrolled how they like it and just go by your gut. I mean, I really like this school.  Everything is organized and what I've learned to like is that by the end of the course, one of the instructors who is actually on the state board, she really knows what they're looking for.  So it's kind of like a boot camp towards the end and she really trains everybody. So far, nobody's failed the state board.  I am really excited about that.

Beauty Schools Directory: What are your plans for after you graduate?

Brenda Corona: I plan to start applying in the next month or so, start applying because some of the other aesthetician that graduated already, that's what they're doing.  They start applying and they let them know they're going to be done in a month or so.  So they already have a job by the time that they graduate.  And actually both of them, I didn't think it possible, but both of them got a job even before they graduated.  That's what I'm thinking of doing because I really want to start working as an aesthetician as soon as I graduate.

Beauty Schools Directory: What advice do you have for future esthetics students?

Brenda Corona: Well, before they start, they kind of start researching or even just going to see for yourself, going to the atmosphere to see what's it's actually like, to see what they're doing, how they're doing stuff and pretty much analyze everything they're doing so that before you start you kind of have a feeling of what you're going to get yourself into.  It should be really helpful.  And maybe get tips for what they do.

Beauty Schools Directory: How has this scholarship has affected you and helped you achieve this goal?

Brenda Corona: I've wanted to go to school for a while now.  Economically it's hard but with the scholarship it kind of gives me a push to really start.  From there it really helped me because I don't have to pay off much.  I'm working and going to school right now, but it's really a huge help because I don't have to be working as much as I would be if I didn't have the scholarship.  I'm really thankful for the scholarship and it really does help a lot.

Beauty Schools Directory: What's it like balancing work, school and your marriage?

Brenda Corona: Honestly, it's been really, really hard because I have to leave really early to go to school and register there.  I have to stay around where I work and just be there and then pretty much I'm the whole day there and then I come home to eat and sleep.  I kind of get fed up sometimes but I'm like "You know what? It's going to pay off in the end and everything's going to be good." It's been three months.  I kind of try to have that mindset that I'm already halfway done and it's going to be worth it at the end. Yeah, I mean, everything's good and according to my husband who's really supportive, he really... he's been more supportive than what I actually thought.  He's been a lot of help.

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