How to get "mascara commercial" lashes - (Hint: It's not with mascara!)

WRITTEN BY: BSD Staff On 02/18/2008

Have you ever seen a mascara ad and been so jealous of the model's long, thick, luscious lashes that you immediately picked up a tube of the over-priced, neon-packaged wonder that would make your lashes look like hers? Yeah, me too. So there I sat, inches from my reflection. I…

Minimum maintenance short cut

WRITTEN BY: BSD Staff On 02/14/2008

If you have an interest in cosmetology, here is an example of how to create a short cut. A haircut like this can be fun and low-maintenance on a confident woman. Our model for this cut is Shana. Shana has thick, beautiful hair that is already cut to about chin-length. She loves…

Coffee lovers rejoice!

WRITTEN BY: BSD Staff On 02/06/2008

There's another reason to fly by Starbuck's (as though deliciousness wasn't enough....) - caffeine is good for your skin! Caffeines ability to restrict blood vessels makes it a key ingredient in topical products that estheticians use to help with rosacea and facial flushing.…

Tanning a Tattoo

WRITTEN BY: BSD Staff On 01/28/2008

As a kid, I'd drawn on myself with sunscreen so that after a day outside, I'd have white stars and hearts in the middle of my bright red sunburn. I might have been onto something more than melanoma. Taiwanese designer Yu-Chiao Wang created a robe that allows sun (or, better yet…