How do I choose a beauty school?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 02/20/2017 • Lifestyle

Girl Searching Computer
Choosing a beauty school doesn’t have to be overly complicated. What you first need to understand is the difference between the terms ‘beauty school’ and ‘cosmetology school,’ because they are both used interchangeably. This is not a big deal, in most cases. But we want to show…

Am I Too Old for Cosmetology School?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 02/07/2017 • Lifestyle

Cosmetology Students and Teacher
Are you wondering about the age requirements for beauty school, or if you are too old to enroll in a particular program? These are common questions people wonder when they are considering a career in the beauty industry. Like other creative careers, cosmetology can seem like a…

The Down-and-Dirty on Dry Shampoo

WRITTEN BY: Caryn On 01/30/2017 • Hair

I’ve been fighting the fine, greasy hair game all my life. The day to day grind of the must shower and wash my hair, but I am running late. Or the absolutely have to shower to avoid the greasy hair look after any physical activity where I could perspire even a drop of sweat…

Is it too late to change my career by going to beauty school?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 01/18/2017 • Lifestyle

If you are thinking about a career change by going into the beauty industry, but wonder if it’s too late, we’re going to clear the air for you. First of all, as long as you are physically able, we don’t see any reason why you can’t learn cosmetology skills in hair, skin, makeup…