What are the application deadlines and enrollment dates for beauty school?

Beauty School Enrollment Schedules

When you can’t get the dream of becoming a cosmetologist out of your head, it may be time to contact beauty schools near you and find out when their next classes begin. The enrollment schedule for beauty schools tends to be different from the usual semester-based enrollment schedule at community colleges and four-year universities. At cosmetology schools, classes begin at various points throughout the year and you can apply for admission at any time. Beauty Schools Directory has done the research, and we break it down for you below!

Applications, Enrollment, & Start Dates for Beauty/Cosmetology School

Enrollment Year-Round

One benefit of applying for a beauty school program is that you can usually apply to enroll at any time of the year, without having to hit hard deadlines prior to a semester start date. Beauty schools will often allow you to enroll for the next available class for your program without a long wait period.

The time from application to enrollment will depend on factors like the program you choose, because each program is a different length. For example, full cosmetology programs typically require 1500 to 2000 hours to complete and can take anywhere from 1 to 2 years. Whereas esthetics and nail tech programs tend to be much shorter, in the 300 to 600-hour range, so they may enroll as often as every 3 to 6 months.

This means that if you want to be admitted into a comprehensive cosmetology program, then you may be enrolled in the middle of the year and have to wait a few months to start in the next available class. For an esthetics program that takes just six months to complete, you may not have to wait as long between application/enrollment and actually starting class. Some schools even admit students right away and have students at varying stages of the class all at once.

Contact Beauty School Admissions for More Information

Beauty school admissions counselors are at every school, ready and waiting to help you. The admissions reps at the schools you’re researching can give you a schedule with all the important upcoming academic dates for the beauty school. This will help you stay aware of the upcoming deadlines, the application process, and your current stage in the process. You can also receive help from the admissions counselor in choosing a start date for your application.

If you have any other questions about beauty school programs, then get in touch with a beauty school admissions advisor today, who can answer all of your questions and respond to your concerns. Whether you have questions about filling out the application properly, or are concerned about fulfilling education requirements or affording beauty school, an admissions counselor can ease your concerns and help you complete the application process in time to enroll for the next start date.

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