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In Cosmetology school, get hands-on-training in hair, nails, barbering, esthetics and makeup; earn an education and valuable work skills in under a year; use your range of beauty services on clients, friends & family or even celebrities.

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1. Creative freedom

As a cosmetologist, you can express your fierce creative style across a broad spectrum of salon services. You can be a rock star of hair, skin, nails, and makeup with the right cosmetology school training. Plus, you can qualify for jobs at salons, spas, and other awesome work environments.

2. Flexibility

Want to avoid the monotony of a 9-5 job that forces you into a Monday through Friday work schedule? Pursue a career as a cosmetologist to a work schedule that fits your lifestyle. With so many types of employers who hire workers with cosmetology skills, plus opportunities to work independently, you can have the flexibility you desire in a career.

3. Exponential opportunities

Cosmetology school courses will help you understand how to apply the latest trends in hair, makeup, and nail design, along with essential esthetician skills. This all-encompassing education can result a long career filled with expanding opportunities. With the right mix of skills and passion for beauty, you can work in traditional salon and spa environments, or pursue careers in film and television, resorts, and many other industries.  

4. Job security

You know what’s really nice about cosmetology? Your clients will always want to look their best, and salons will always want the most talented, driven cosmetologists to provide their services. On top of that, cosmetologists can find start or continue their careers in all fifty states – and all over the world. As long as you remain licensed, skilled, and inspired to stay up-to-date on the latest styles and trends, you can create a long-term career in beauty.

5. Connecting with people

Do you love making new friends and making positive connections? There are many reasons cosmetologists and their clients think of each other like family. Not only can you become your client’s go-to resource for sprucing up their cosmetic features, you will also be someone they connect with on a personal level. If you’re people-person who lives for style and fashion, you should definitely consider this creative career.

6. Quick education

Are you ready to start your cosmetology career right now? Maybe that’s a little impossible, but finding efficient training that lasts 12-24 months is not impossible at all. In fact, there are many short-term training programs at cosmetology schools across the United States. No matter what state you reside, you likely have several options for beauty programs that can be completed on 1-2 year timelines.