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Don Roberts School of Hair Design – Accredited

152 East U.S. Route 30
Schererville, IN 46375

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Cosmetologist Continuing Education in Indiana

Indiana Cosmetology Careers At A Glance
  • 1,500 education hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 4 years.
  • 0 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • The average salary for cosmetologists in Indiana is $22,280 ($10.71/hour). This is higher than the national average of $26,090 ($12.54/hour).
  • There is a predicted 10% job increase between 2016–2026 for cosmetologists. This is higher than the expected national growth of 9%.

If there is any field in which you need to stay abreast of the latest trends and fashions, it is the beauty industry! New products, new tools, and new techniques of skin and hair care appear continually. Beauty manufacturers know that what sold yesterday won't sell tomorrow: people get bored with the old and constantly seek the "new and improved". Sometimes there are real breakthroughs, and a product really does offer something that is much better than its predecessors, and then, every beauty company comes out with their own version of that product.

As a professional in the beauty industry, whether in hair care, skin care, nails, or a related specialty, you need to be following the trends, and staying on top of the buzz. What you learned in cosmetology school was certainly important, and taught you the fundamentals, but to stay current, and be able to offer your clients the latest the beauty industry has to offer, you need to continue to study and learn. This is where continuing education comes in.

Where to Find Continuing Education

1,500 Education Hours

Required to earn a continuing education license

Continuing education refers to courses, programs, workshops, and seminars that update your knowledge about a particular product or service in the beauty industry. Schools of cosmetology all offer continuing education courses, so a good place to check is the school from which you graduated, or one close to the city or town in which you currently work or live. Some of the larger salons offer continuing education seminars or workshops, although you may need to be an employee of that salon to be eligible. And various product manufacturers offer training through trade shows: organized displays of new products and services offered under one roof to professionals in the field. There, you can get to mingle and network with your colleagues as well as browse all the latest and greatest. Seminars and workshops training you in a particular product or service are often given at these shows.

Education Details

Continuing education courses are offered in all sorts of areas of the beauty industry. You can learn about the latest product or technique, take business courses that will help you move into the management end of the salon business, or learn how to improve your customer satisfaction. Whatever interests you can be the focus of your continuing education choices.

License Renewal

4 Years

License renewal period

0 Hours

Continuing education required

Indiana does not currently require additional cosmetology continuing education hours to renew.

Indiana Cosmetology Careers


Average yearly salary for cosmetology in Indiana

In Indiana, the median wage for hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists in 2019 was $22,280. While this is just shy of the national average, the cost of living in Indiana is relatively low meaning that a dollar goes further here. Plus, this is just an average. As you gain more experience, develop a loyal client base, and improve your skills, the fees you can change will most likely increase. Of course, if at some time you decide to go out on your own and open your own salon, you can do particularly well as a small business owner.

There's lots of good news about continuing education! One piece of it is that courses are usually offered at times and on days that fit into the schedules of busy working professionals. It should be relatively easy to find courses you want to take on days you are not working, or on your off hours. Once you have learned a new skill, you will want to let your existing clients know about your expanded offerings. You may want to send out an announcement card, or your salon might advertise the fact in the local newspaper, radio, or online. Of course, word of mouth is very important, so telling your clients about your new service may be the best way to advertise. And some of the newer techniques and services command a premium in terms of fee, for example, the newer keratin hair straightening treatments bring in fees between $250 and $350 per treatment! If your continuing education courses focused on enhancing client satisfaction, you may find that the size of the tips you receive increases as a result of the new things you are doing to keep your clients happy.

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