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Cosmetologist Continuing Education in Virginia

Virginia Cosmetology Careers At A Glance
  • 1,500 education hours or 3,000 apprentice hours are required to become licensed.
  • You must renew your license every 2 years.
  • 0 continuing education hours are required to renew your license.
  • The average salary for cosmetologists in Virginia is $26,510 ($12.74/hour). This is higher than the national average of $26,090 ($12.54/hour).
  • There is a predicted 11% job increase between 2016–2026 for cosmetologists. This is higher than the expected national growth of 9%.

As you likely know, trends in cosmetology change all the time! The styles that clients are requesting from you today may be obsolete six months from now. How do you keep up on all the new styles and techniques that the beauty industry comes up with?

You can attend continuing education courses. If you want to be sure your skills are top-notch, use our directory of schools to learn more about programs in your area!

Education Details

There are many types of classes that focus on continuing education in Virginia, but perhaps some of the most popular courses focus on the craft of cosmetology. There are courses for cosmetologists, nail technicians, barbers, and estheticians. In courses that are tailored to your beauty specialty, you may learn about new trends that are coming out of major cities like New York and Paris. This may involve learning new cutting or styling techniques, working with mannequin heads to test your new skills, and practicing client consultations. If you'd prefer to take other types of continuing education courses, there are other options. Many salons require their employees to take an annual safety and hygiene courses. This helps you refresh your knowledge of Virginia cosmetology laws and make the most of sanitation standards in your salon. Other classes may target your professional development. This is a good opportunity for people that are interested in becoming salon managers, trainers, salon owners, or instructors. Continuing education courses may give you the opportunity to build on your business skills and prepare for the rest of your career.

License Renewal

2 Years

License renewal period

0 Hours

Continuing education required

Though many experts in the field contend that continuing education is a crucial part of cosmetology careers, continuing education is not technically required in Virginia. The Virginia Board for Barbers and Cosmetology does not have any continuing education requirements for any of the professions they currently regulate. However, some salons may require their employees to continue their education as a condition of employment.

Virginia Cosmetology Careers


Average yearly salary for cosmetology in Virginia

The overall job outlook for cosmetology professionals is positive. Between 2016 and 2026, job openings in this field are expected to increase by 11%. Each year, this works out to about 750 job openings (O*Net, 2012). Salaries in Virginia vary widely. Cosmetology is a field that values experience, education, and reputation, so your earning potential may increase as you work in the industry. The average salary for a Virginia cosmetologist is $26,510 per year. Reported salaries go all the way up to $60,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

If you look at the great success stories of the cosmetology world, you'll quickly realize that they have one thing in common: continuing education. Anyone who has an impact on the beauty industry or on the lives of their clients knows how important it is to never get complacent. They understand that you must always keep growing and keep expanding your knowledge base. Anthony Fiore is a huge name in the cosmetology industry. In addition to being a successful stylist, he started a major chain of cosmetology schools and revolutionized the industry. He notes that the most important traits in this field are passion, talent, and dedication. Depending on the continuing education courses you take, you may see a significant impact on your career. For example, broadening your abilities and skills may help you reach a new client base. If you currently work with mostly older women but want to reach teenagers, you may take a class on new coloring and cutting techniques. Bringing these modern skills to your career can help you make a name for yourself as a great stylist for all ages. Continuing education can also reshape your career path. As you learn more about different specialties and careers in your continuing education, you may decide to pursue a second license, become an instructor, or open your own salon. There are many ways to use continuing education! Sharpen your skills and increase your potential for success in the world of beauty. Contact the schools in your area to learn more about their continuing education programs!

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