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How to Become a Salon Manager in Connecticut

If you are a hairdresser, cosmetologist, or related professional working in the beauty industry, and you are looking to advance your career and income potential, consider becoming a spa or salon manager in Connecticut.

For hard-working, ambitious professionals, a move into spa or salon manager can be a considerable upward career move. Managing a spa or salon means a move into the business end of the beauty industry.

State License Requirements

Programs in spa and salon management, leading to a certificate, are available at cosmetology schools and some community colleges, and take between six and twelve months to complete, on average. You will earn between 15 and 30 credits.

Education Details

Your course curriculum will be varied, focusing on the business end of the beauty industry. You will learn about handling spa and salon finances, hiring and managing employees, safety compliance laws, staff leadership, customer service, and marketing, among other courses. The Connecticut Department of Public Health issues licenses for the practice of the beauty professions. If you are already licensed in the industry, you will not need an additional license to work as a spa or salon manager. The advantage of being licensed in the cosmetology industry is that, as manager, there may be times when you need to step in and provide client services if an employee becomes unavailable.

License Renewal

If you want to open the doors to your dream salon with as few hiccups as possible, we encourage you to earn your cosmetology license in Connecticut. This will give you the broadest spectrum of skills to offer your business, and help out your workers in a pinch. If you decide to purse cosmetology training, compare several schools to be sure they include salon management courses. Connecticut requires licensed cosmetologists to renew their licenses every two years for $100. You have until the last day of your birthday month to get it done.

Connecticut Salon Management Careers


Average yearly salary for salon management in Connecticut

Hairdressers and cosmetologists in Connecticut earned an average of $23,800 in 2013, according to statistics provided by O*Net. Of course, beauty professionals who have enhanced their skills by taking a certificate program, such as that in spa and salon management, stand to earn considerably more. The need for hairdressers and cosmetologists is expected to grow 8% to 14%, making the employment outlook favorable for new graduates. It is at least as favorable for salon and spa management professionals.

As a spa or salon manager, you will wear many hats and perform many different tasks in the course of a single workday. You may well be the first to arrive at the salon to open it and get it ready for the day's business. You will need to make sure that staff arrives as scheduled, and provide solutions when staff are absent. This may involve making phone calls to find other staff who can cover for the absent person, rescheduling client appointments, or filling in and providing the scheduled services yourself. Your time will be divided between the office and the spa or salon floor. In the office you will handle all business matters, such as taking care of finances, ordering supplies, interviewing potential employees and managing existing employees. When out on the floor, you will make sure the spa or salon operation is running smoothly, that staff are working efficiently, that work stations and the salon in general is kept clean and tidy, and that customers are satisfied with the services they are receiving. All this makes for a very busy full-time workday, with very little down time. As the person in charge, you have to be aware of and on top of whatever is going on in your salon, and be ready to intervene in case of any issues or problems. Moving up into spa or salon management can be a great career move for ambitious, hardworking professionals who seek to better their income potential while working in the business end of the beauty industry. If you are ready to learn more about salon management programs, use our simple search tools to get started!

Contact the Connecticut State Board of Cosmetology

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Connecticut is dotted with beauty salons and spas throughout, and many that have lasted for years have premium management as the basis. The state has a bevy of resources available for those interested. These groups are a key place to start.

Professional Beauty Federation
Day Spa Association

Salon Management

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