Salon Management

You may have been practicing in the beauty industry for some years, as a hairdresser, hairstylist, aesthetician, or other beauty specialist. Perhaps you are wondering what options you have for moving your career, and your income, to the next level. If this describes you, then perhaps a good career move for you might be into spa or salon management in Indiana. In spa and salon management, you have the responsibility for handling the business that makes it possible for beauticians to offer their services to clients. You handle the financial requirements of the business, hire and manage staff, keep track of inventory, make sure the spa or salon is complying with health and safety regulations in your state, and more.

This kind of job is not for the faint of heart! It takes a lot of work and “hustle” to manage a spa or salon! But if you are energetic and hard-working, and looking for your next career move in the beauty industry, a career in spa or salon management in Indiana just may be the right move for you! Spas and salons are always on the lookout for capable, competent people who can handle the pressures of running the business every day.

State License Requirements

Certificate programs are offered in spa and salon management, most often in schools of cosmetology. You may want to look into the offerings from the beauty school you graduated from, or one close to where you live or work currently. Typically, these programs take between six and twelve months to complete, earning you between 15 and 30 credits.

Education Details

Indiana salon managers should seek courses that include accounting, customer service, worker management, and other critical topics. It takes a lot to open the doors to a salon, or step into an existing one, so your training matters. You can learn to keep the clients flowing in if you apply strong interpersonal skills with the nuts and bolts of smart business strategies. That’s why you should compare courses when looking at programs, before you look at anything else.

Indiana salon management courses to look for: •

  • Accounting •
  • Social media and local marketing •
  • Worker relations •
  • Retail revenue •
  • Contracts and licensure
License Renewal
License Renewal Hours
License Renewal Period

Indiana salon managers can technically get hired with zero experience, since there isn’t a license and renewal process in this state. However, we believe you need to have a firm understanding of salon work, as well as the business sense to run an efficient practice that delivers awesome quality. If you take the most common path towards this career, and earn your cosmetology license in Indiana, you will need to renew it every 4 years. The fee is currently $40.

Job Outlook Increase
Between 2012 - 2022

Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists in the state of Indiana earned an average wage of $22,600 in 2013, the last year for which these statistics were reported, according to data from O*Net. The field is growing by a healthy amount: between 8% and 14% between 2012 and 2022, so the demand for individuals who can manage the spas and salons in which these people work will be growing, too. As a manager, your salary is likely to be higher than as an individual beautician, because all the responsibility for the salon’s operations will be on your shoulders. Of course, you will no longer earn most of your salary from tips, but you still stand to earn a very good wage in your new position.

Working as a Salon Manager

One thing that is clear is that, as a spa or salon manager, you will be very busy on a daily basis. You may be the first one in to the shop in the morning to open it, and the last one to leave it at night. In between, you will spend time in both the office and on the floor. In the office, you will see to the finances of running the spa or salon, paying bills and payroll, interviewing potential staff and managing current staff, checking inventory and ordering supplies. On the floor, you will want to make sure everything is running smoothly, that staff is working effectively and efficiently, that customers are satisfied with the services they are receiving, that safety and sanitation regulations are being followed. You may answer the phones and make appointments. You may be needed to fill in for staff members who are out sick, performing beauty services yourself. This may require you to work some weekend days and some evenings. You will also handle any issues that arise. In short, your day will be varied, and each day will bring new challenges that need to be handled – by you! But if you are good with people, and you like the idea of variety in your day to day work life, and you are hard working and really motivated to move your career forward, a career as a spa or salon could be an excellent career move for you!

State board Contact Information

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners
402 W. Washington St., Rm. W072
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone Number: 317-234-3031
Fax Number: 317-233-4236
E-mail Address:

The Indiana State Board of Cosmetology can help you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating a change of name or change of address information, and acquiring out-of-state and other useful forms, as well as answer additional questions about obtaining an Indiana cosmetology license.

With the amount of fine barbershops and salons increasing in Indiana,
the need for owners to have sensational management skills is essential. All
potential individuals begin their careers by using this information.

Indiana State Board of Barber and Cosmetology Examiners
SalonSpa Professional Trade Association
Professional Beauty Federation

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