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Why consider a Cosmetology program?
  1. 1) More schools offer Cosmo which = more school choices.
  2. 2) Cosmo programs teach you hair, skin AND nails!
  3. 3) Cosmo students are most likely to qualify for financial aid.
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Why Cosmetology School?

There's never been a better time to join the growing cosmetology field.

  • Finish cosmetology school fast and get your career started
  • Lower education cost vs. traditional 4-year schools. Scholarships & financial aid available!
  • Beauty professionals are usually in high demand, even in a downturn -- beauty services named one of Mailchimp's Top 10 Recession‑Proof Businesses
  • Cosmetology jobs projected to grow by 11% between 2021 and 2031 (US Dept. of Labor's O*Net, 2023)
  • Varied career opportunities in hair, skin, nails, makeup & more

Start your search above to find & contact cosmetology schools near you. Follow your passion and take the next step towards your cosmetology career!

Job growth and outlook data sourced from US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Labor O*Net as of publication unless otherwise noted.

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