Canadian Beauty College

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Canadian Beauty College-Toronto is dedicated to educational excellence and offers comprehensive programs in skin care, make up and laser training. An industry that has experienced exponential growth and technical advancements in the past decade, the need for well trained and proficient aesthetic service providers has never been greater.

Curriculum that Prepares you

Look to Canadian Beauty College-Toronto  to be your bridge and help you enter and succeed in this exciting industry. Canadian Beauty College-Toronto provides professional quality based training solutions using modern equipment to meet the current industry demands. We prepare students with exceptional theoretical and practical training. Our curriculum exposes trainees to modern techniques and therapies using state of the art equipment which enables them to meet and surpass their career goals and standards.

Our Programs

Our focus is on building a solid, well rounded foundation in a structured environment. Our instructor's responsibility is to ensure optimal training is delivered in accordance with the industry standards. Emphasis is placed on the importance of following proper clinic protocols and rules and regulations to surpass industry expectations and provide highly skilled service providers that are confident in recommending beneficial products, services and home care regimes for clients.

We offer:
• Skin Care Certificate
• Laser Certificate
• Chemical and Mechanical Exfoliation Certificate
• Manicure and Pedicure Certificate
• Waxing Certificate
• Body Treatments Certificate
• Make Up Certificate

Upon completing our program, you will be well versed in advanced skin care and new technologies and will be able to join an industry that currently offers many opportunities.