Hair Professionals Academy

Welcome to Hair Professionals Academy
We always are pleased to have you visit with us and see our facilities and meet our people. You will find a great place to learn, enthusiastic students, helpful teachers and a learning atmosphere unequalled in the beauty area.

We do have financial aid for most programs. Please contact financial department to find out if you qualify.

The emphasis of our cosmetology program is from the latest European techniques in hair, skin care, make-up and nails. You will combine your natural talents with our excellent training program in order to receive your certification as a cosmetologist.

Our thorough cosmetology program includes studies in salon management, nail technology, skincare, hair coloring, haircutting, perming, hair relaxing, hair styling, anatomy and physiology, chemistry and client communication.

Once licensed, our graduates work in all areas of the beauty industry. Our graduates work as stylists, make up artists, educators, colorists, estheticians, nail technicians, and salon owners. The Hair Professionals Academy education is very thorough. Throughout the Cosmetology program, you will learn the following:

Cosmetology Sciences
Infection Control, Basic Anatomy, and Basics of Chemistry and Electricity.

Hair Care
Properties of the Hair and Scalp, Principles of Hair Design, Shampooing, Rinsing, and Conditioning Haircutting, Hairstyling, Braiding, Wigs, Chemical Texture Services, and Hair Coloring.

Skin Care
Histology of the Skin, Hair Removal, Facials, and Facial Make-up.

Nail Care
Nail Structure and Growth, Manicuring and Pedicuring, and Advanced Nail Techniques.

The Business of Cosmetology
The Salon Business, Preparing for and Seeking Employment, On the Job, and Illinois State Rules and Regulations.

Skin care is one of the fastest growing areas of the beauty industry. Within our curriculum our students learn through theory and practical knowledge the concepts of facials, machine facials, microdermabrasion, peels, medical esthetics, advanced esthetics techniques, LED, oxygen therapy, makeup, body treatments, hair removal, salon management, and the latest techniques in the esthetics field.

Once licensed, our graduates work in all areas of the skin industry, not only in spas but also for dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Some of our graduates choose to sell or demonstrate skin care products; others are self-employed throughout the skin industry."

The Esthiology program includes:

Ancient History-Modern Times
A journey through time Esthetics then and now: The Natural Sciences Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin.

Body Systems
Bones, Muscles, and Nerves of the Face and Skull, Bacteriology and Sanitation, and Nutrition.

The Treatment Room
Room Furnishing, Technological Tools Basics of Electricity, First Impression: set up and Supplies.

Skin Types & Condition!
Health Screening and Skin Analysis.

The Facial
Anatomy of the Facial, Men's Facials, and Post-Consultation and Home Care.

Advanced Sciences
Advance Sciences Disorders and Disease, Pharmacology, Product chemistry, Advanced Ingredient Technology Advanced Skin Care Aging Skin Morphology and Treatment, Sensitive Skin: Morphology and Treatment, Hyper pigmentation Morphology and Treatment, Ethnic Skin: Morphology and Treatment, Exfoliation, Holistic/Alternative Skin Care, and Advanced Home Care.

Methods of Hair Removal and Waxing procedures.

Make-up Artistry
Color Theory, Facial Features and Set-up, and Makeup Application.

Body Treatments
The Spa Body Treatments and The Value of Spa Treatments.

Advanced Clinical Skin Care
Career Opportunities, Plastic and Reconstructive Treatments, Patient roles and the role of the Esthetician, Prepare to Heal: Pre-and Post Operative Care, Camouflage Therapy, and Illinois State Rules & Regulations.

Nails Program
With Hair Professionals a complete understanding of nail care services as well as hand and foot care is taught. Learn natural manicuring and pedicuring techniques as well as the latest technology in acrylic and fiberglass extensions.