The Salon Professional Academy

Want a Beautiful Career?

If so, don't waste another minute thinking "Maybe I could do this." Let The Salon Professional Academy build your confidence by providing you with the skills and training to give others a beautiful style that will make people feel and look great. At The Salon Professional Academy, you will work toward a rewarding career, where you will have the satisfaction of serving others and earn money you never thought possible.

Start Dates


August 18, 2017 
September 18, 2017
October 16, 2017
Novemeber 13, 2017
Decemebr 13, 2017


October 3, 2017


The Salon Professional Academy's objective is to produce highly-trained and well-educated graduates for top salons. We are committed to excellence in cosmetology arts and science education. Educational systems and programs are continuously updated to keep our students' interests first, promoting a high-quality educational atmosphere.
Possessing three elements vital for success-theory, practical, and business skills-our curriculum has been designed for the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner. Our small class size promotes an intimate learning environment, and our trendy and urban environment benefits every student professional and guest experience. Our student professionals learn current and advanced techniques and become personally equipped to be a salon ready service provider.

Educational Points of Difference

• All student professionals are trained on Summit Salon Business Systems
• Over The Top Service Provider Training Course
• Goal setting by utilizing a Summit Salon Fast Track Planner
• One-on-one monthly coaching meeting with team educators
• Wealth building and financial planning to "Earn a Better Living to Live a Better Life!"
• Hands-on-training in classroom, beginning on day one
• Education that includes communication skills and critical business planning

This is your chance: Get inspired and live your dreams!

Programs of Study:

In as little as one year, you will be on your way to your amazing career in cosmetology. Our cosmetology program is taught by passionate instructors. Our goal is to graduate top students with the skills, desire, and passion to become top stylists in the industry. We teach a well-rounded, hands-on curriculum that will prepare you for the state licensing examination and success in the industry. You will learn basics, as well as advanced cutting and coloring techniques. We are blessed to be a REDKEN Academy. No one does it better than REDKEN!

Skin care is a fast growing field and skilled aestheticians are in demand. At The Salon Professional Academy, you will receive training in a full range of skin care treatments. Your skills can take you to a spa or medi-spa, dermatologist office, salon, or even a cosmetic surgeon's office. We use Mirabella makeup and Dermalogica in our aesthetics program.

Discover the beauty of nails and the opportunity for a fun, creative career. A manicurist goes beyond just painting nails. The Salon Professional Academy teaches advanced skills on manicures, pedicures, gel nails, nail extensions, nail art, and more. We use OPI polish and CND products in our manicurist program.

Pass on your passion and knowledge to educate, inspire, and grow the next generation of salon professionals. The Salon Professional Academy's instructor training program will not only prepare you to educate future student professionals, but will prepare you to start a long-term career as an instructor in the beauty industry. Sharing your knowledge and experiences with student professionals will help them form their own success.

Invest in yourself. You deserve a great education. We offer options for payment plans and student loans. We are Federally Funded and can offer Financial Aid to those that qualify.

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