Washington Barber College

About Our School

Washington Barber College, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, designs its curriculum to build upon the motto "execute with excellence." Our school promotes dedication, determination, integrity, perseverance and strong work ethic through our 1,500-hour Barbering program.

At Washington Barber College, our gifted instructor has over 10 years of experience in the barber and styling industry. Students are encouraged to go above and beyond the traditional barbering and styling methods and explore their creativity. Classes cover a variety of topics, from the history of barbering and barber styling shop management to practical experience in shaving, beautifying, singeing and much more.

If you are a beginner in the industry, Washington Barber College could be a great place for you to begin exploring the many career opportunities that are out there for you. We don't require our students to have past experience in hairstyling, but we do require students to have a passion for this industry.

Our Program

The Barbering program at Washington Barber College is a 43-week training program that includes 1,500 hours of theory and practical experience classes. The course schedule is designed to prepare students for the Arkansas State Board of Barber Examiners exam.

The program is broken up into three sections:

• Two hours of orientation: Rules and Regulations of the School, Introduction to School Personnel and Students, and Outlay of School Facilities and Exit Plan

• 120 hours of theory: History of Barbering, Professional Image, Honing and Stropping, Mustache and Beard, Haircutting, Facial treatments, Anatomy, Physiology, Salesmanship, and more

• 1,378 hours of instruction: Haircutting, Tapering, Trimming, Bleaching and Dyeing, Hair Weaving and Hairpieces (Sewing), Scientific Fundamentals of Barbering, and much more

Choose Us

We want our students to walk out the doors of Washington Barber College feeling confident in their work and prepared for a career in the hair industry. It is important that each student is groomed to "execute with excellence." If you have the passion for this industry, we can provide the education you need to begin discovering all the different career opportunities. Financial aid and scholarships are also available to those who qualify.

Contact Washington Barber College today for more information regarding our program, and find out why we can be the first step to your professional career! Please fill out the information form accompanying this page.

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.  In addition to financial aid, WIA is available, Arkansas Rehabilitation Program, VA certified as well as self pay options are available upon request.


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