Beauty Schools in Illinois

Illinois employs more than 15,000 beauty professionals, of which about 11,000 work in the Chicago metropolitan area. The Illinois Department of Employment Security expects 18 percent growth in these occupations through 2018. You can start a career as a beauty professional by attending one of many beauty schools in Illinois.

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A beauty career in Illinois requires attending a beauty academy licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Illinois has numerous beauty schools that offer programs from overall barbering and cosmetology, to hairstyling, to esthetician training, to nail technology.

Illinois with its major hubs of fashion and beauty - Chicago, Rockford and Springfield - is a great state for prospective beauty students to begin training to master their skills at one of the many excellent Illinois beauty colleges.

The state of Illinois requires 1500 hours of training to sit for the board exams and get your cosmetology license, 350 hours to become a nail technician, or 750 hours to become an esthetician. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual mean salary range for cosmetologists is $26,110 to $27,610 per year before tips, with a mean IL cosmetologist salary of $27,610. The average median salary for nail technicians is $22,190 and the median salary for estheticians is $34,520 in Illinois.

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