Beauty Schools in Maryland

If you have ever been curious about the career opportunities in the beauty industry, it may be time to look at beauty schools in MD and what they have to offer.

Beauty Schools in Maryland

If you want to work with hair, skin, and nails, a conventional cosmetology license may be ideal for you. However, if you have more targeted interests in this field, you may be able to start your career in a number of months. The Maryland Board of Cosmetologists oversees schools that offer cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, and nail technology training.

Not only do most schools allow you to complete your training fairly quickly, cosmetology education can also prepare you for a variety of career paths and work settings. While you may start out as a cosmetologist or esthetician, you may eventually work your way up to managing a salon, teaching students, or even owning your own salon.

Use the resources available at to choose the right cosmetology program for your career goals. Keep reading to learn more about working in this field and then contact schools near you for more information.

Working in the Beauty Industry in Maryland

If you are willing to work hard and put in the hours, you may be able to find great success as a Maryland beauty professional. Cosmetology schools in Maryland offer hundreds of hours of hands-on training, including time that you spend with real clients. Do the best work you possibly can, and you may have a client base before you even finish your program.

Since Maryland is close to Washington DC, there are many events and shows you may attend throughout the year. These events are opportunities to rub elbows with major industry players, keep an eye on new trends and techniques, and even show off your work. Both Maryland Fashion Week and Baltimore Fashion Week take place in August every year.

Look into joining the Professional Beauty Federation, which is located in Washington DC. Students at cosmetology schools in MD can attend events and start to get a feel for this industry.

Demand for cosmetology professionals differs across different job titles, but it is generally increasing. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 7% increase in cosmetology job openings (2016). Cosmetologists currently earn an average of $23,600 per year (O*Net, 2016).

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