Beauty Schools in Minnesota

Minnesota could be one of the most exciting places in the Midwest to start a cosmetology career. With a mix of rural areas, suburban areas, and huge cities, Minnesota has a huge amount of people with different cosmetology needs. If you work in a college town, you may spend your days keeping up on new trends and styles so you can re-create them for young adults. Working in a rural area may allow you to build a strong bond with long-time customers.

Beauty Schools in Minnesota

No matter what you want to do in the beauty industry, it all begins with the cosmetology schools in MN. In addition to conventional cosmetology training, beauty schools offer programs that focus on nail technology, skin care, barbering, and makeup application. Approved Minnesota schools should follow the standards of the Minnesota Board of Cosmetologist Examiners.

With the school listings at, you can find schools close to you and compare their programs, costs, and amenities. Scroll down to find our list of Minnesota beauty schools.

Working in the Beauty Industry in Minnesota

What does it take to succeed and make a name for yourself in this industry? The good news is that there is plenty you can do while attending beauty schools in MN. Throughout your career, you may want to stay active in groups like the Salon & Spa Professional Association. This organization serves beauty professionals in the Upper Midwest by providing continuing education, networking events, advocacy support, and legislative updates.

If you plan on going into the fashion industry, there are even more resources to consider. MN Fashion is the largest fashion association in this state, connecting new designers with training opportunities, mentors, and career information. You can also network by attending events like Fashion Week Minnesota.

Although salary and job outlook data differs from place to place, looking at Minnesota averages may give you a good idea of what is possible. Through 2022, O*Net expects job openings for Minnesota cosmetologists to increase 6% (2016). The median income for a cosmetologist is $22,600 per year (O*Net, 2016).

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