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Although Rhode Island may be considerably smaller than its neighbors in the beauty world, it has its own well-defined cosmetology industry and community. If you are interested in starting or continuing your cosmetology education in Rhode Island, you may find that there are many paths you can follow to achieve your goals.

Beauty Schools in Rhode Island

Whether you have started your education in another state or you plan on starting your beauty career from scratch in this state, you are legally required to follow the standards of the State of Rhode Island Department of Health. When it comes to beauty school, RI statutes make it very clear what you must learn to succeed and work independently with customers. The curriculum for any approved school must follow these guidelines, making it fairly simple for you to choose a school that both fits your learning style and prepares you for the licensing process in Rhode Island.

By using the school listings at BeautySchoolsDirectory.com, you can quickly and easily compare schools without having to spend hours on research. Once you've narrowed down your selections, you can contact any schools that hold your interest. Are you ready to learn all about hair, skin, nails, and beauty?

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Working in the Beauty Industry in Rhode Island

Many people have built long, successful careers in the beauty industry of Rhode Island. By learning from them and following in their footsteps, you may be able to make the most of your education and guide the future of your career.

In cosmetology, it's all about who you know. While attending beauty schools in RI, make time in your schedule to attend local events. This step is even more important once you get into the workforce, since every contact you make may someday give you a lead on a client referral, the perfect job opening for you, or the hottest new trend or style. StyleWeek Northeast takes place in New England every year. Whether you focus on fashion or beauty in your education, this huge event may give you insight into upcoming trends and fashions. Providence Fashion Week is another fashion event that can change your career. The Natural Hair, Beauty, and Wellness Expo is an annual event in Rhode Island.

What you choose to study at beauty schools in Rhode Island may have a big impact on your earning potential. Cosmetologists in Rhode Island bring in an average salary of $23,600 per year (O*Net, 2016). Job openings for cosmetologists may increase 11% between 2012 and 2022 (O*Net, 2016).

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