Beauty Schools in Washington

Did you spend your childhood cutting your dolls’ hair, putting makeup on your friends, and creating crazy outfits? If you've always had a creative streak that extended to the world of beauty and fashion, enrolling in a beauty school in Washington may show you what your real calling is.

Beauty Schools in Washington

If you want to go into fashion design, you may not need to worry about licensing and certification, as this field is not regulated in any way. However, be ready to learn about beauty licensing if you want to become a cosmetologist, barber, esthetician, electrologist, or other cosmetology professional. Through the Washington State Department of Licensing, you can provide proof of your education, take your licensing tests, and get your license. When you look at cosmetology schools, Washington has many options to consider. In fact, most specialties have apprenticeship programs.

To start your search for the perfect beauty school, use the resources at These resources help you compare schools and contact multiple programs quickly and easily. Reach out to beauty schools in Washington today.

Working in the Beauty Industry in Washington

The goal of attending cosmetology school is to jump into a new industry and career, which is why planning in advance is so important. Beauty and fashion can be competitive industries, and putting in some legwork as a student and as a new professional may yield results down the line.

Look into professional organizations and associations for the industry in general and for your specific profession. The Washington State Electrologists’ Association is an excellent resource for those who plan on working in permanent hair removal. Seattle Fashion Week and the contacts you make at this event may be ideal if you want to work in fashion design.

As is the case in any state, salaries and job growth statistics vary between professions and parts of the state. Across Washington, the average salary for a manicurist is $24,100 per year (O*Net, 2016). Anticipated job growth through 2022 is 26% (O*Net, 2016).

What does it take to get a running start in the cosmetology industry? Select a state-approved school that fits your learning style and goals.

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