Beauty Schools in West Virginia

Many students decide that they would like to pursue an education at a cosmetology school. Beauty schools in West Virginia are one place that they can study this profession. Several concepts of the overall appearance are studied while enrolled in beauty schools in West Virginia. When you are working on hair, you learn how to cut hair, style hair, and color and highlight hair. You also learn how to give manicures and pedicures. Facial techniques and waxing techniques are also studied. There is such a wide variety of material to be studied, you can be sure your knowledge of beauty techniques can be well-rounded. There are several benefits of choosing this profession. One reason that this career is exciting is you can work when, as well as where, you want. In addition, you decide how much you earn because it is tied to how often you work. One of the best benefits is that you get to help your clients feel their best after an appointment.

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia is known for its astounding vistas. From the Allegheny Plateau on the western side of the state to the high peaks of the Monongahela National Forest to the east, The Mountain State earns its nickname. The highest point in the state is Spruce Knob, covered with a boreal forest of dense spruce trees. If you have aspirations as high as Spruce Knob, you can find your future in the stunning mountains of West Virginia. A beauty career can be your ticket to success. The state has a number of West Virginia cosmetology schools that can provide you with quality training and equips you with the tools and skills necessary to get ahead in the beauty trade. With your flair for beauty and style, you can have a career that puts you above the clouds. Become a beauty professional in no time with West Virginia beauty schools.

The state of West Virginia requires 1800 hours of training to sit for the board exams and get your cosmetology license, 400 hours to become a nail technician, or 600 hours to become an esthetician. The average salary range for cosmetologists is $16010 to $38300 per year before tips, with a median WV cosmetologist salary of $18530. The average median salary for nail technicians is $20720 and the median salary for estheticians is $ in West Virginia.

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