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Ready to see your fashion designs hit the runway? Pump the brakes, and review this quick page about fashion design careers and programs. We discuss what you can expect to learn in fashion school, including the considerations you should make before applying. You should also visit these questions to learn more about the topics that fashion programs cover. This sector of the beauty industry has many types of jobs for graduates. So, use these Q&A’s to get an intro to this creative field!


Fashion Design

01. About
What should I look for in a fashion design school?

Looking at the growth of fashion over the decades makes you realize what a versatile field fashion design is. That makes fashion designing a great career for visionary, creative people that want to shape the future of fashion. With lots of employment opportunities and many different fashion designing niches to fill, working as a fashion designer allows you to go in many different directions with your career.

As you begin to select a fashion design school, you want to look for a school that supports its students in creating a strong portfolio. Your fashion design portfolio can be a big part in helping you land a job after graduation, so you want it to be as diverse and complete as possible. The creation of your portfolio may likely be covered in your first interview or conversation with a prospective school.

Another important part of fashion school is experience. A fashion design internship can give you a great start to your career, so selecting a school that has internship connections should be one of your top priorities.

Students may also want to consider their geographical and financial limitations when choosing a fashion design school. Finding a school close to you can make it easier to attend school, particularly if you plan on attending full-time. It is not only important to look at the cost of tuition plus materials in design school; you should also evaluate available financial aid. One school may cost more than another on paper, but after counting in financial aid, it may be the more economical choice.

When you start checking out schools, look at their course schedules and the quality of their instructors. Their class schedule—whether it includes day classes, night classes, online classes, or a mixture—needs to be something that you can accommodate with your other responsibilities. You may also want to look at the faculty in the program and read about their accomplishments and work in the fashion world. Ideally, the school's faculty should come from a variety of different fashion backgrounds. They should have many years of work in fashion design, as their experience in the field may allow them to teach you exactly what you need to know. In addition to having good faculty, you may want to choose a school with a lower student-to-faculty ratio. This may entitle you to more one-on-one time, which can enrich your education.

02. Courses | Course Length
What Do You Learn In Fashion Design School?

Most fashion design programs require students to complete basic art and design courses and to submit sketches or other examples of their artistic skills in order to be admitted to the program.

Here are some common skills and topics covered in most fashion programs:

  • Traditional artistic techniques
  • Marketing skills
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) technology
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Textiles and fabrics

Plus, you will develop a portfolio that demonstrates your style and skills. You will probably have the opportunity to enter your designs in fashion contests or shows during school.


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