Is it too late to change my career by going to beauty school?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 01/18/2017 • Lifestyle

If you are thinking about a career change by going into the beauty industry, but wonder if it’s too late, we’re going to clear the air for you. First of all, as long as you are physically able, we don’t see any reason why you can’t learn cosmetology skills in hair, skin, makeup…

Is Beauty School Easier than a Four-Year College?

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 01/10/2017 • Lifestyle

Beauty School or Four Year
When trying to answer the question “Should I go to beauty school?” you really need to ask a series of questions. Let’s take a look at the top questions you need to answer before making a decision… Question 1: How challenging will beauty school be for me? If you are…

The Top 10 Reasons Women Change Their Hairstyle

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth On 01/06/2017 • Hair

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Change Their Hair
We've all done it. We change our hair for a fresh look. We change our hair when we break up with a boyfriend. We change our hair to celebrate an accomplishment. If you look back at old photos, you can probably associate the phase of your life with the hairstyle you had at the…

Holiday Party Hair Tutorial

WRITTEN BY: Anamarie On 12/27/2016 • Hair

Holiday Hair
Want to be the center of attention this holiday season? Take your hair to the next level. Check out this beautiful, textured, updo tutorial that is sure to grab the attention of everyone in the room! ...