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The Top 10 Reasons Women Change Their Hairstyle

Posted on: August 3rd, 2010 by Beauty Schools Directory 1 Comment

beauty-school-directory-womens-hairstylesWe’ve all done it.  We change our hair for a fresh look.  We change our hair when we break up with a boyfriend.  We change our hair to celebrate an accomplishment.  If you look back at old photos, you can probably associate the phase of your life with the hairstyle you had at the time.

A recent study by British hairstylist Andrew Collinge did a survey of 3,000 women and found that women will most likely change their hairstyle up to 104 times in their lifetime, as well as change their hair color up to three times. Collinge’s study reports that a woman will change her hair twice a year between the ages of 13 and 65. Many of the hairstyles are subtle, not dramatic changes.

However, like all of us have probably experienced at least once in our lives, three quarters of the women in the survey admitted to having a hair change they didn’t like.  So be sure to put in some research as far as what style and color complement your face shape and hair’s natural texture the best before you go for a dramatic change.

Collinge went further with the survey to find out not just how much women change their hair, but why.  Most reasons seemed to correlate with lifestyle changes.

The Top Ten Reasons Women Change Their Hair:

See if you’ve ever been guilty of changing your hair because of one of these situations.

1.    Just for a change
2.    Out of boredom
3.    As a confidence booster
4.    As a result of a breakup
5.    To reinvent oneself
6.    Keep up with fashions and trends
7.    Going gray
8.    In conjunction with a milestone birthday
9.    Either before or after having a child
10. Their wedding

Collinge also found that some trends do remain classic.  His study reported that one of the most popular hairstyles is still the look Jennifer Aniston wore as “Rachel,” on the television series “Friends.” What have you changed your hair for?  A new job?  Lifestyle change? Did Collinge get it right?

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