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Chart: Applying for Beauty School ScholarshipsWe conducted a survey in 2013 about the cost of beauty school tuition, and how students pay for school. We found that despite 72% of respondents saying they were either “somewhat concerned” or “very concerned” about whether they’d be able to pay for beauty school, only 22% of them bothered to apply for scholarships? Shocking! We also found out that only half (50%) filled out the FAFSA to discover what federal financial aid they may be eligible for, and nearly 64% used student loans to pay for school. All while barely 1/5 of the students applied for scholarships to help them cover the costs of their education. 

We at Beauty Schools Directory want to close that gap and help future beauty school students find all the resources possible to make their cosmetology dreams a reality. We have compiled a list of scholarships for each of the specialties in the beauty business below, and we will continue to add to this list as we learn about more – so check back often!

List of Beauty School Scholarships

Here is our growing list of scholarships specific to the beauty industry. This is not an exhaustive list, and we are constantly adding to it. So if you know of a beauty school scholarship that’s not on this list, e-mail us!

General Cosmetology Scholarships

Barbering & Hairstyling Scholarships

Esthetician School Scholarships

Nail School Scholarships

Massage School Scholarships

Electrology/Permanent Hair Removal Scholarships

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9 Tips for Applying for Scholarships

Chart: Paying for Beauty SchoolIn order to improve your chances of receiving the scholarships you apply for, we have compiled these tips to help:

1. Start researching scholarships right away. Don’t wait until you’re already enrolled in beauty school to start. As soon as you start researching schools, begin compiling a list of scholarships to apply for too.

2. Read the eligibility rules closely. Be sure you are eligible for the scholarship before spending your time applying for it. Some scholarships require you to be a certain age, live in a certain area, or be pursuing a specific beauty program.

3. Don’t miss the deadlines. Don’t wait till the last minute to submit your application – errors and technological difficulties do happen.

4. Be prepared to provide work samples, letters of recommendation, a video essay, or other materials if the scholarship rules require them.

5. Apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for to increase your chances. Think outside the box about scholarships that are not necessarily beauty related. Search for scholarships related to your ethnicity, religion, hometown, your parents’ careers, and so on.

6. Read the instructions carefully. Be sure you follow every direction exactly or you may invalidate your application.

7. Get organized. Keep a list of the scholarships you applied for, their deadlines, the scholarship board’s contact information, your application and answers, and the date you applied.

8. Take your time. Double and triple check your spelling and grammar. Read your answers out loud. Ask a friend or family member to read your answers and give honest feedback.

9. Be honest. Tell your own story, not the story you think the scholarship board wants to hear. Your own story is the most unique story you can tell, and it’s the one you know best. It is what will set you apart from other scholarship applicants.

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