Champagne used in pedicures?

Pop the cork and celebrate your... feet! There's a new ingredient fighting age spots and exfoliating your tootsies and you can only get it from France: Champagne! Some salons are offering champagne pedicures to help soothe your tired feet. Have you heard of this new beauty salon service?

How it works:

your feet are soaked in a rose mineral bath and a nail technician massages champagne oil into your feet, and then applies a grape peel scrub. Champagne oil is high in antioxidants, and it helps activate the grape peel scrub, which makes the skin glow.

Some nail technicians claim that this pedicure is also good for diabetic clients because it supposed to stimulate circulation. This can also build the capillaries that diabetic patients lose.

Why settle for regular pedicures when you can have the champagne of pedicures - literally!

Have you experienced or has your salon offered this champagne pedicure service? Better yet, have you learned about this fancy new process in your nail technician training?