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The barbering industry has grown steadily in recent years, with an anticipated $857 million dollars in revenue predicted for 2020. This reflects the fact that men have re-discovered their love for fresh cuts and shaves, with some treating themselves on a weekly basis. As such, this is a great time to consider barber schools that offer programs near you. If you’re ready to refine your barbering skills, take some time to learn more about barber training. Once you gain the proficiency to expertly clip, crop and shear your clients, you could be at the forefront of this heightening career trend.
Have you been playing dress-up since you were a kid, making your friends and family strut the runway in your custom creations? Now that you’ve grown, it’s time to take your passion to the streets. Whether you’re ready to dress the next wave of supermodels, or design costumes for theater and film-- fashion design school could be your next step. As a fashion designer, you need to learn fundamentals and professional skills to find success. You can walk with confidence towards a career in fashion, after finding the fashion design courses you need in your area.
As a skin care specialist you can choose from an array of career options. Want work in a salon or spa, or in a dermatologist’s office? Go for it! Your cosmetology school training is where art meets science in the world of skin care. As an esthetician, you can beautify your clients from head to toe with facials, scrubs, peels and masks for all skin types. There are several types of esthetician and beauty schools with programs that range from broad-based cosmetology to specialized skin care. Most can be completed quickly, with financial aid options available. Learn more now.
The problem of unwanted hair can be one of those topics we generally avoid, but it’s actually big business these days. An electrology program at a cosmetology school is a smart move if you’re up for the challenge. Clients will come to you for a variety of reasons, such as hereditary conditions, to alleviate routine shaving, or for your personal grooming expertise. You’ll work with specialized machines, which requires focused training at an esthetician school and several hours of real-life experience in most states. Dig into Electrology training program options and career facts to begin.
Are you ready to pass your knowledge, skills, and passion for beauty on to the next generation of cosmetologists? The first step is to translate your artistry into solid teaching skills. Thankfully, numerous beauty schools offer teacher training for experienced professionals across the country. The cosmetology industry anticipates growth of 10% by 2024, which means there is an obligation for beauty school instructors to help train the next crop of beauty professionals. If you want to play a role in shaping the next era of stylists, check out some quick facts about cosmetology school teacher training programs.
There are many gratifying reasons to check out what the vibrant world of cosmetology has to offer. With the right beauty school training, you can become your own boss and manage individual clients, or work in a notable salon or spa. You’ll be doing what you love, making people feel confident and beautiful, all on your own schedule. With job growth expected to pace 10% between 2014-24, consider one of the many blossoming careers in the field of beauty. Take a look to find out what’s in store when you choose a cosmetology school in your area.
Do you have a natural flair for designing eye-popping and jaw-dropping hairstyles, cuts, textures and colors? Hair design programs can help you prepare for a career using your talent in salons, in your own studio, or even in film and television. Hair design school could be your personal stepping stone to satisfaction and success. Most hair design programs cover the basics: highlights, coloring, shampoos and styling. Many also offer flexible schedules and payment options to help you achieve your goals. If you have visions of creating ‘runway ready’ hair, start by checking out beauty schools in your area.
Are you ready to hit hyper-drive on your professional life, and work as part of a multi-billion dollar esthetics industry? Many laser training programs can be completed at an esthetician school in a matter of weeks, and look great as a supplement to your current resume. If you’re ready to start training, review the best options for cosmetology school and laser training certification in your area. We have information about schools in every state and can help you find the next best step to enhancing your beauty career.
Whether you want to use your passion for makeup to beautify brides, work in film or television, or prep clients for special occasions, developing stellar skills starts with adept training. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work and found the experts in the business. You can typically train for make up artist careers in a matter of months, sometimes at salons that can help you land your first gig. With an average median wage of $53,230, makeup artistry is a field that requires you to get skillful training. Check out the cosmetology school programs near you to get started.
Do you enjoy being the best part of someone’s day? As a massage therapist, you can be the person that everyone wants to see at the end of a hard week. If you’ve got strength and inspiration running through your fingers, then massage therapy school should be on your radar. The benefits of attending massage school are simple and straightforward. For starters, this career is growing over three times faster the national average. With as little as a few weeks’ training in some states, you can earn the required hours to become a masseuse.
Do you look at a set of nails like an artist eyeing a blank canvas? If so, you also know how incredible current nail art is. To join the talented pool of nail artists across the country, you’ll need to be able to compete. Finding the right nail school training is the key. Working with clients who are excited to see you, and who want to show off your nail designs is exciting, as are the statistics for nail tech jobs, which are expected to jump 16% through 2022. If you want to succeed, you’ll first need training that’s complete.
You probably know that tattoos aren’t the only form of permanent ink that people apply to their bodies. In fact, permanent makeup artist training includes eyebrows, eyeliner, lip-liner, and highly valued procedures that cosmetically treat scars and surgical procedures. As such, this field can be both exciting and extremely rewarding. Since you’ll be working with precision tools and scientific skills, you’ll need to complete training at a quality cosmetology school or in a permanent makeup certification program. We have plenty of information to help you get started.
So, you want to be your own boss? Do you already have the vision for your salon, but simply lack the business plan and prowess? Don’t worry, most beauty schools are filled with like-minded cosmetologists and beauticians who want to play by their own rules and work independently. With the right cosmetology school business training, you can learn how to balance the books, write a business plan, brand your salon, attract new clients, and supplement your income through retail sales. These methods to boost your business are part of salon management curricula across the country.
Hair braiding is a specialized skillset that requires a combination of passion, dexterity and patience. If you already have experience with microbraids, applying extensions and take downs, why not check out specialized hair school options? From box braids to Nubian twists, if you’ve got the knack, your clients will know it.
You know what they say, you’re only as good as your training-- and you can’t offer the best services for your clients without the latest skills and training. If you’re ready for beauty school continuing education courses, we applaud you. Brushing up on your skills to meet state requirements is a solid step on the road to continued success. Find out more about cosmetology school continuing education programs, and other opportunities for growth as a professional in the glamorous world of beauty.

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