Continuing Education Cosmetology Classes: Five Inexpensive Courses That Are Worth Your Time

Cosmetologists regularly step back into the classroom to stay updated on trends while also keeping their license current with the required CEUs. The trade is ever-changing, which is why most states require a certain number of continuing education hours for cosmetology license renewal. However, cosmetologists may opt to take continuing education courses even when not needed. These courses can boost your career by adding new and advanced skills to your services, which can lead to more varied work and more money.

Continuing education is very important in the beauty industry because trends are always changing and new techniques are used. I recently went to a keratin treatment class so I could add new clientele and make extra income. It was a great class and I really enjoyed learning something new.

–Teal Mareska, a hair stylist in the Kansas City metro

Some of the options mentioned below are approved by specific states, so likely won’t qualify for CEUs in other states. However, if you are taking courses to learn a new skill, these options are still highly useful. Check with your licensing board to see if these classes could earn you CEUs as well.

5 Continuing Education Courses That Are Worth Your Time

To find the best continuing education classes for your time and money, search through state-approved programs or online courses offered by cosmetology schools, trade schools, or community colleges near you. The following cosmetology CE courses provide training in high-demand areas at low prices, and they’re all available online.

Salon Business Bundle

This high-demand CE course is available entirely online from Hair Directions for $35. Cosmetologists who want to run or manage a salon can take the five-hour class for license renewal or professional development. You’ll learn how to grow your clientele and increase sales, and you’ll also learn techniques for reducing no-show clients, managing wild children, working with problematic situations or people, and saving your paycheck for retirement.

Color Geek Class

Combine science and art to expand your hair coloring skills for $20 in this two-hour online class from Hair Directions. The online videos aim to help licensed hair colorists expand their hair color techniques and address common coloring challenges. Use this CE course to gain a more advanced and nuanced understanding of hair coloring, and conquer complications like dying unruly hair, regardless of the brand line you use.

Shaping, Styling and Maintaining Wigs and Hairpieces

For only $7, you can take this one-hour elective course online from Elite to enhance your hair care knowledge. Learning to create and style wigs and hairpieces can be a great opportunity to expand your services and clientele network. Most states that require CE hours allow you to complete some of the hours online, making this option easy and lucrative.

Beauty Essentials

If you’re a licensed hairdresser who needs a licensure renewal course or wants a basic refresher, Beauty Academy offers a seven-hour beauty essentials course online for $29. Beauty Academy’s Beauty Essentials course is approved by Georgia, Illinois, and North Carolina’s state boards of cosmetology. You’ll receive a coursebook by mail, and you can finish the course on your smartphone.

West Coast Gel Nails

This six-hour online nail technician course includes a three-hour health and safety section before teaching you how to complete gel manicures, overlays, or fills. Gel nails are trendy right now, so using this class to add gel nails to your service roster can bring in more business and yield you more money. It’s available for licensed nail technicians in most states and comes with a bonus glitter extension section, all for $105.

How to Succeed at Continuing Education Cosmetology Courses

Once you enroll in advanced CE courses, use the following tips to ensure your success:

Pick the right course for you
Think about your needs and career goals before signing up for a cosmetology continuing education class. You’ll want to choose classes that can expand upon the services you offer, boost your business, or hone your skills. Take your learning style into consideration as well. If an eLearning environment is challenging for you, look for on-campus, one-day, or evening courses instead.

Choose a legitimate CE course
With so many cosmetology CE providers nationwide, you can tell if a course is legitimate by looking at the price and the instructor’s credentials. Compare accreditation and if the course covers your state’s license renewal requirements, and don’t forget to read reviews from previous students.

Look for mobile-friendly courses
Fit CE cosmetology courses into your life by looking for fully online and mobile-friendly options. The ability to watch training videos and complete coursework on your phone can allow you to work on-the-go and finish the class faster.

Tell your clients
After you sign up for a new course in the beauty industry, make sure to tell your clients. They may be willing to try out a new service after you become certified, and you can start to build anticipation for your added services immediately.

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