Beauty School Scholarships

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Beauty Schools: Positioned to Make a Difference

WRITTEN BY: jennifer.nitcher On 09/26/2018 • Lifestyle

Eyes on Cancer logo
Author: Yvette Williams, director of educational programs for Eyes On Cancer The beauty industry is the biggest non-medical profession seeing skin most often, making it the first line of defense in spotting skin cancer. This year alone, there is expected to be 178,560 new cases…

Antiperspirant Ingredients to Avoid

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Using antiperspirant with safe ingredients
There's one personal care product that almost everyone in America uses every day, deodorant. There is a type of deodorant that has became the ugly step child of blogs, rumors and email chains which is antiperspirant. We've covered many toxic cosmetics in a more in depth piece…

Meet the Expert — Kim Burgett

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Kim Burgett, Sales Representative
Let’s get to know our resident expert on all things beauty schools, Kim Burgett is the Sales Representative for Beauty Schools Marketing Group and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share! Kim, tell us about your background in the industry. I started my career 35…