Barbers Reveal Top 10 Tips for Beard Health

It's the age of beards, or at least that's what it seems like if you take a quick look outside. Men are sporting full beards, trimmed beards, highly styled beards, you name it!

Since No Shave November is among us, lets see how we can keep those beards looking sharp!

If you've never grown a beard before, you might be a little intimidated by the process. If you are currently of the bearded tribe, you’ve likely had some compliments as well as unwanted chatter about your facial hair. Whichever the case, we decided to check in with some professionals to pass along some tips for keeping those chin hairs in check.

Find our top 10 beard health tips from well-known barbers to get your beard started off on the right foot and looking great as it grows.

10. Give it time!

You can't rush a good beard. After shaving and making your face a smooth, even palette for your beard, let it grow for at least 30 days, according to Mike Malbon of Frank’s Chop Shop (Men’s Fitness, 2015). Don't trim, don't shave—just leave it alone. This shows you how much hair and which type of hair you have to work with.

9. Get your hands on the right tools

Having the right beard care tools is half the battle. Of course, getting in to see your barber on a regular basis is recommended, but you should have the tools you need for touchups at home. You may want to invest in a good set of beard clippers, beard trimming scissors, a straight razor and a beard comb.

8. Fill up on amino acids and protein

Unfortunately, your diet cannot help your beard grow faster. However, it can affect the fullness and thickness of your beard. If your diet is deficient in amino acids and proteins, you may find that your hair is a little bit straggly and unkempt. What's the point of growing a beard if you aren't going to do it right?

7. Don’t forget about your neck

One of the biggest problems that Carl Pettit sees is men who meticulously keep up their facial hair and completely forget that their neck also needs maintenance. After letting your beard grow for 30 days, you should have a good feel for how much hair grows on your neck. Decide ahead of time if you want to shave it, let it grow, or keep it trimmed, and then stick with it.

6. Get some mustache wax

If a mustache is going to be part of your look, then you should definitely get your hands on some mustache wax. Mustache wax can hold a style in place, which is really helpful if you want a handlebar mustache, a more retro look, or a hipster vibe.

5. Care for your skin

This is probably one of the hardest steps for men who have never given much thought to their skin care routine. However, even if your beard is covering up your skin, you have to keep your skin healthy if you wanted to create a good foundation for beard growth. Find a face wash that suits your skin type and use it religiously. If you're not sure what kind of skin you have or what its needs are, your barber can help you out.

4. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

On top of washing your face, make sure to exfoliate at least once per week. Dead skin cells build up super quickly on your face, and you do not want them messing up the appearance of your beard. A good facial scrub can be used once a week to keep your skin even and free of dead skin cells.

3. Use coconut oil

There are hundreds of products that you can use to moisturize your beard, keep it under control, and make it look healthy. One of the simplest products out there is coconut oil. It is moisturizing enough for the coarse hair found in most beards, and as a bonus, it smells good.

2. Don’t leave strays

Keep your stray hairs under control. Maintaining a beard requires pretty consistent work, and one or two strays can quickly make your face look unkempt and careless. Use a straight razor for clean edges and tweezers for stray hairs.

1. Experiment with your beard

Finally, remember that it is just hair. No matter how much you love your beard, it will grow back if you try something new and decide you hate it. If you see a style you like on a male celebrity, someone on the street, or a blog, give it a shot. Consult your barber so that you know your face shape and what looks best on it. You never know when you'll find a new beard style that you love!

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